Clippers Player Lou Williams Made 1 Simple Change That Saved Him Thousands of Dollars

Professional athletes are known for their large paychecks. They are equally notorious for losing everything they earn. Stories of athletes going broke are commonplace, especially in the NBA and NFL. Some NBA players, like Clippers guard Lou Williams, take their frugalness a step further. 

The ups and downs of the infamous sixth man

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Williams made his NBA debut in 2005. Although he signed with the University of Georgia, he ultimately forwent college. The 15 years spent in the NBA since have been full of ups and downs. Ultimately, his downs have not been as notable as his ups.

Chiefly, the 6-foot-1 point guard has found success as one of the NBA’s leading sixth men. His role of coming off the bench to relieve starters has earned him three Sixth Man of the Year awards. The 33-year old has earned fame for his talents off the basketball court as well.

Active in the rap community, Williams has recorded several tracks and had successful collaborations. His circle of friends includes big names like Bow Wow, and his notoriety is no secret. In 2015, Drake recorded a song titled “6 Man,” which referenced Williams, according to Heavy. The song touched on Williams’s role as a sixth man as well as his unique romantic relationships. 

Lou Williams’ headline-worthy personal life

Indeed, Williams has made headlines for his unique personal life. Most notably, he carried on a relationship with two different ladies at the same time. Both ladies knew about each other and were happy to share the famous athlete. In fact, the trio was seen out together on numerous occasions. The situation made it obvious that Williams enjoys his ladies.

Recently, Williams has been back in the headlines for his interaction with women. The 33-year old was given permission to leave the NBA bubble to attend his grandfather’s memorial service. His approved became unapproved, however, when the young athlete made a detour to his favorite Atlanta strip club, Magic City. Williams claimed that his visit to the strip club was strictly for their chicken wings, but at least one dancer begged to differ.

Surprisingly down to earth

Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers reacts after a play
Lou Williams of the LA Clippers | Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

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Despite Williams’s infamous antics, he also has a big heart. Every summer the famous athlete hosts a summer camp at the high school his alma mater, South Gwinnett High School, reports 11 Alive.

When asked about his desire to run this camp Williams said,” Being a youth, I really didn’t go to a lot of after-school activities. I didn’t have the resources or funds in my family,” he explained. “To have the opportunity to do it for these kids at an affordable price means a lot to me.” It’s not the first time Williams has shown that he understands the value of a dollar. Athletes make a lot of money and spend a lot on cars, houses, jewelry, and clothes.

Williams took to Twitter to explain how he made a decision that saved him thousands of dollars. He said, “I stop caring about fashion maybe 5-6 years ago. I bought a Gucci t-shirt for $400 wore it once, washed it, and decided I wouldn’t make a habit of buying that stuff. Polo tees. Slim fit medium. 3 for $40.” Decisions like these exhibit show how grounded the star has remained.