Coach K Takes Mysterious Social Media Burner Accounts With Him Into Retirement

Mike Krzyzewski saw his incredible 47-year coaching career come to a close on Saturday after the Duke Blue Devils‘ Final Four loss to North Carolina. Coach K heads into retirement, where he will receive numerous honors for his sustained success and legacy as arguably the greatest collegiate coach.

His coaching career spans nearly five decades, making his time on the sidelines well-documented. However, Coach K heads into retirement with the mystery around his social media burner accounts intact.

Coach K heads into retirement after an illustrious coaching career

Duke Blue Devils basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski looks on during a game.
Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski looks on during a game. | Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The nearly five-decade journey featured many memorable moments.

Krzyzewski has put together a resume that speaks for itself behind his sustained success. He made his name in the coaching realm with Duke, leading the school to five national championships, earning 13 Final Four appearances, winning 15 ACC tournament championships, and garnering 13 ACC regular-season titles.

He is the winningest coach in NCAA tournament play history with 101 wins and became the first men’s Division 1 coach to reach over 1,000 career victories. Coach K also holds the record for most wins, with 1,202. All the accolades aside, he heads into retirement with the mystery around his social media accounts secure.

Coach K takes mysterious social media burner accounts with him into retirement

Mike Krzyzewski is wrapping up an illustrious coaching career that cements him as one of the greatest collegiate head coaches.

Over the years, his time on the Duke sideline has been well-documented. However, there remains a mystery about his social media activity. He initially revealed in an interview with ESPN in 2015 that he possesses a few social media burner accounts, where he follows a few people.

The following year, he again touched upon his unknown accounts during an interview on J.J. Redick’s podcast that it allows him to stay in the know about what is happening around him.

“It just keeps me abreast of what’s going on,” Krzyzewski told Redick via Yahoo Sports. “I love, like, seeing the pictures of your family. It keeps me close. I share them with my family. But I don’t want anybody contacting me. I don’t want to have that type of dialogue. I’d rather call you or text you or whatever. I don’t personally want to have followers.”

Although Krzyzewski has social media burner accounts, his players still don’t know which is his.

“I’ve definitely tried,” junior Wendell Moore said.

“He’s too hard to find,” freshman A.J. Griffin voiced.

The 75-year-old’s ability to keep his accounts off the grid is remarkable given the amount of digging fans have done to uncover other players’ and coaches’ accounts. Just ask Kevin Durant about that.

There isn’t any certainty whether he will still use it now that he’s no longer coaching. However, the fact that he’s kept it under wraps for several years will be a mystery he can comfortably take into his retirement.

Left an irreplaceable impact on the game

Moving past the social media burner accounts, Coach’s impact on the game goes well beyond his coaching success.

He became the gold standard that other coaches and schools hope to replicate. Meanwhile, his constant adjustment to the changes in the game of basketball and recruiting process have aspired because it kept Duke always near the top.

Krzyzewski’s commitment to his craft has inspired many generations of coaches and, more importantly, left an unmistakable legacy.

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