Colin Cowherd Reveals the Frightening Reason Why He’s Been Off His Radio Show

Colin Cowherd is one of the most prominent sports radio hosts in the country. Cowherd‘s presence in the sports media industry has garnered a substantial audience and connection in the sports world. However, everything nearly turned upside down after a recent frightening personal matter.

Colin Cowherd’s prominent sports radio career

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Over the last couple of decades, Colin Cowherd has become one of the most prominent sports radio personalities.

In 2004, Cowherd began his weekday morning radio show, The Herd With Colin Cowherd, on ESPN as the replacement for Tony Kornheiser. He stayed with the company through 2015 before leaving to join Fox Sports as part of their massive FS1 push.

Cowherd expanded his radio program to TV simulcast, where he continues to hold one of the country’s most popular morning sports radio shows. He has since remained with the company, leading to signing a multi-year extension a few years ago.

However, his life took a recent frightening turn that has caused him to miss his radio show this week.

Colin Cowherd reveals the scary reason why he’s been off his radio show

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Over the last few days, Colin Cowherd has been notably off his radio show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

First Things First co-host Nick Wright has filled in for him in the few days after Super Bowl 55. The longtime sports radio host took to Instagram on Tuesday night to clear up the situation.

Cowherd explained that last Saturday, he experienced tremendous pain in the right side of his chest as he was having dinner with his wife. The health issue required him to take an immediate trip to a local hospital emergency room. The 57-year-old was tested twice for COVID-19, but the results came back negative, leading to additional examinations.

The doctors discovered through x-rays that he had a small blood clot in his right lung that limited his breathing. Cowherd voiced that he believes that the blood clot may have developed due to his recent ski trips in high altitude and several flights over the last several weeks.

He also stated that he expects to receive his blood work results back in the next few days to clarify the situation.

“Thank you for your patience,” Cowherd said. “I apologize for not being there on the biggest days on my show. The staff has been amazing. The support from Fox Sports and iHeart radio has been really touching. Unbelievable. I am going to be back as soon as I can.”

Beyond that, Cowherd looks to be trending in a positive direction physically. He revealed that he went for a 30-minute walk on Tuesday, only 48 hours after the frightening health scare.

Fox Sports will monitor the situation

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As Colin Cowherd moves through his health situation, Fox Sports will continue to give him all the time he needs to recuperate.

The company will likely continue to roll with Nick Wright as his fill-in host as Cowherd works through his personal matter. Wright continues to conduct the show remotely this week while co-host Joy Taylor works alongside him virtually from the show studio in LA.

Cowherd’s health scare only further underlines the recent high number of prominent media members making headlines. The last several weeks have seen a few big names in the sports industry pass away in unexpected manners.

The likes of NBA writer Sekou Smith, ESPN MLB journalist Pedro Gomez, and now NFL reporter Terez Paylor all gone too soon. These situations are unrelated to Cowherd, but the last few weeks have seen some notable sports media figures pass away.