Colin Kaepernick Has Matt Ryan Backing His NFL Comeback

The conversation around Colin Kaepernick, possibly returning to the NFL, has cropped up again due to outside situations. The recent tragic passing of George Floyd has pushed the subject of social injustice forward into the league’s topic of discussion with many of its players impacted. That has put into question if the NFL will finally move forward to give the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback a clear pathway toward a chance to play in the league again. With that in mind, Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Matt Ryan has voiced his support for Kaepernick’s potential efforts.

Colin Kaepernick still on the outside looking in

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Since Colin Kaepernick decided to opt-out of his deal with the 49ers after the 2016 campaign, he has remained in the open market.

There have been plenty of scenarios that could have allowed him to be on an NFL roster. Many teams have looked in the other direction due to concerns with kneeling during the national anthem, becoming a distraction for the franchise.

Kaepernick still possesses the talent to be a viable NFL quarterback; there hasn’t been a clear-cut opportunity for him to prove he can still be a starter in the league. In light of the recent events in the United States, it has brought forth discussion that he may get a fair chance to return to the league.

Matt Ryan believes Colin Kaepernick should get another shot

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Players have continued to become more vocal around the situation regarding Colin Kaepernick getting another shot at returning to the NFL.

One of which is Falcons Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Ryan, who voiced to Vaughn McClure of ESPN that he believes Kaepernick should get “every opportunity” to play in the NFL again.

“I think he should have every opportunity. He created awareness for a situation that — it’s taking some time — people are becoming more active in terms of their response to it. I think from that standpoint his protest is being heard. It might have taken too long. I think he should have every opportunity to have a job and have a spot in this league.”

Ryan knows what it takes to play the position in the NFL, and he firmly believes that Kaepernick still can play. There are concerns about kneeling during the national anthem, but the Falcons star quarterback stance shows that he doesn’t think that should have prevented him from playing in the league.

There will be those to point out where that support was three years ago, but it shows that players have a greater understanding of the situation and know that Kaepernick hasn’t been unjustly treated.

Will Colin Kaepernick get another chance?

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The cards have always been on the table with Colin Kaepernick, as the NFL has known for nearly four years where he stands on the social issues.

It has been the league’s acceptance of the viewpoint and their unwillingness to disconnect kneeling from disrespecting the flag as there was never any doing of any sort. There is now greater support and push for social justice from players that will force the league’s hand to embrace it.

Kaepernick clearly has the talent that belongs on an NFL roster; it’s a matter of a team giving him that fair chance to prove he can still be a viable quarterback that could compete for a starting job. It’s never been a question of his ability on the field, but the perception of potential distractions that come with him. Only time will tell if he receives that opportunity.