Colin Kaepernick Delivered Another Strong Message to the NFL

Colin Kaepernick has ventured through a challenging path toward getting another shot to play in the NFL. Things continue to stay at a standstill on that front for Kaepernick despite his publicly known desire to reignite his professional career. He aired his feelings on that situation again through another strong message.

Colin Kaepernick remains out of the NFL

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It’s been over four years since Colin Kaepernick last played in an NFL game. 

Kaepernick has continued to face an uphill battle with his hopes toward getting back into the league. He has made it known on various occasions throughout the years that he wants an opportunity to reignite his NFL career. 

Kaepernick last played for the San Francisco 49ers in the 2016 season. He hasn’t received a new contract from any team since he opted out of his deal after that campaign.

Instead, teams are choosing to pass on bringing him aboard for even a tryout. The perception around him remains that he will be a distraction due to his strong connection to bringing awareness to social issues. Many are still bothered by his decision to kneel during the national anthem, which has created a negative sentiment. 

Kaepernick has repeatedly made his stance clear, which has continued to be misinterpreted and linked to the national anthem. These viewpoints alone have contributed significantly to the situation in a discouraging manner. 

The 33-year-old has once again taken the initiative to send a strong message to the NFL about his desire to play football.

Colin Kaepernick’s stern message to the NFL

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Colin Kaepernick has remained headstrong in his ambitions toward continuing his NFL career.

The former star quarterback made those feelings known again as he took to social media on Monday to showcase that he’s in strong physical shape.

Kaepernick put together a one-minute clip of himself throwing passes to fellow free agent Eric Reid. He has kept a running tally of his last NFL employment that has gone north of 1,360 days, which hasn’t deterred his desire to play.

Although it may only be a workout video showcasing Kaepernick’s best throws, it displays that he still has tremendous athletic ability. His strong arm talent remains there, which that alone would lead to the belief that he can get another shot in the NFL. 

The situation is entirely out of his hands as all he can do is put forth workout videos that demonstrate his athletic ability. Over the last few years, there is plenty of footage, including a public workout from last November for teams to assess.

Through it all, Kaepernick hasn’t wavered in his commitment to his craft that he has laid out that he works out five days a week. The dedication is there; what remains is a chance to prove he’s worthy of an NFL roster spot.

Will he get another shot?


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That remains the $1 million question around Colin Kaepernick in this entire situation.

Kaepernick has the unwavering desire to continue his NFL career, but the opportunities haven’t been there in any capacity. There have been multiple instances where he could have been brought in for a workout. 

Another potential instance has cropped up after Week 11, with Cincinnati Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow suffering a season-ending torn ACL, MCL, and PCL. The Bengals will turn to Ryan Finlay to start, but Kaepernick has the talent to at least warrant a workout. 

He will likely get overlooked once more, despite him making it quite apparent he wants a shot. All it takes is for one team to give him that chance, but there is no clarity whatsoever if he will ever get that tossed his way.