Colin Kaepernick Sets the Record Straight on His Desire to Play in the NFL Again

The conversation around Colin Kaepernick over the last few weeks has been increased interest in getting another shot at continuing his NFL career. Since parting ways from the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick has been on the outside looking to get another chance of playing in the league. That has all led to the chatter becoming centered on him possibly getting that next opportunity soon. With that in mind, Kaepernick has aired his intention yet again to make his message that much clearer.

Colin Kaepernick’s NFL status

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Since the focus around the numerous social injustices that continue to plague the United States became central focus, it has turned the conversation over to Colin Kaepernick’s football future.

Kaepernick hasn’t been on an NFL roster since he opted out of his deal with the 49er after the 2016 season. There hasn’t been any real interest in getting him another shot to play in the league again, which has seen many teams pass up on bringing him in for at least a work for other less qualified quarterbacks.

The increased push for social change has seen many NFL players demand the league to help the cause. Meanwhile, commissioner Roger Goodell has encouraged teams to allow Kaepernick to make an NFL roster. Head coaches such as Los Angeles Chargers’ Anthony Lynn and Philadelphia Eagles’ Doug Pederson have come out to state the 32-year-old is talented enough to earn a workout.

That has shifted things over to Kaepernick, making things more transparent on his front where things stand for him.

Colin Kaepernick reiterates desire to play in the NFL again

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Colin Kaepernick has remained firm about his desire to get another shot at returning to the NFL.

That is a notion that the former 49ers quarterback has stayed the course over nearly the last four years. According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, the indication is still that he wants to play in the league again.

Beyond that being the case, what has been most promising is that there are active conversations around him from teams that could potential interest. The fact that teams can’t hold individual workouts because of coronavirus concerns could be a factor in this situation, but it’s evident that he may be getting the traction toward another opporutnity that has been lacking for the last few years.

Will Colin Kaepernick get another NFL shot?

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It has been a long and winding path for Colin Kaepernick to get back into the NFL.

Through it all, he has remained clear that he still wants to play football. He may have lost three years of his career in his physical prime, but he’s still an NFL-caliber player. Kaepernick did struggle a bit in his last season in San Francisco, but he has the talent to at least be on an NFL roster to compete for a starting job in many situations. There hasn’t been any change in that regard that would suggest he shouldn’t have received at least a handful of scenarios where could sign with a team due to injury or lack of stability at the quarterback position.

It all comes down to an NFL team giving him the chance to vie for a roster spot as that part lies out of his hands. Kaepernick can only control being physical and mentally ready to compete for an NFL roster spot; it’s on a team giving him the opportunity.