Colin Kaepernick Working Out for the Chargers Is a Real Possibility

There has been an increased push to see Colin Kaepernick get another shot at resuming his NFL career. Kaepernick has remained on the outside looking over the last couple of years as he hasn’t had many opportunities to get another chance to play. There has been a recent push toward getting him the fair shot to make an NFL roster, especially after all the social injustices that continue to arise. That, along with the backing of several players him to get back into the league, the Los Angeles Chargers may have just acknowledged that they could work him out.

Colin Kaepernick’s unwavering desire to play football

Throughout the entire process, Colin Kaepernick’s stance on his football future hasn’t changed one bit.

Kaepernick has remained firm on wanting to play in the NFL again, which he aired loud and clear following his scheduled workout late last year. It has fallen on the shoulders of NFL teams, giving him that chance to prove he’s still a highly capable quarterback. Those opportunities haven’t come about over the last few years as he’s been passed on numerous occasions.

It hasn’t been a question of his ability to play the position, but rather teams having the willingness to add him to the mix because of the media attention he will bring. That said, the recent push to see him get another NFL shot has one team voicing that he could be brought in.

Chargers acknowledges possibility of working out Colin Kaepernick

There has been a sudden increase in the push to see Colin Kaepernick back in the NFL after a nearly four-year absence.

That has led to many being vocal about him getting a shot to play in the league yet again. Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn is among those as he stated on Wednesday that his team could potentially work out Kaepernick, according to Lindsey Thiry of ESPN.

It would be crazy to not have him on your workout list.” Lynn also added, “I haven’t spoken with Colin, not sure where he’s at as far in his career, what he wants to do, but Colin definitely fits the style of quarterback for the system that we’re going to be running. I’m very confident and happy with the three quarterbacks that I have but you can never have too many people waiting on the runway.”

Los Angeles had recently been suggested as a landing spot as their quarterback situation is unique enough for him to fit into the mix. The Chargers are in no hurry to make rookie Justin Herbert their starter while Tyrod Taylor has proven to be a reliable backup option. Second-year quarterback Easton Stick has worked his way toward being the third option on the list.

Nonetheless, Lynn’s comments do leave the door open to Kaepernick possibly getting a shot as he voiced that the Nevada product does fit the style of play that they want at the position.

Will Colin Kaepernick get another NFL shot?


Richard Sherman Is Convinced Colin Kaepernick Deserves Shot at NFL Comeback

Although there is increased dialogue around Colin Kaepernick getting another chance to play in the NFL, it’s all word candy until a workout is set up with a team.

The Chargers could very well be the franchise that brings him in, but there is still much in the air in terms of him getting that chance to compete for a roster spot and possibly much more. Kaepernick can step in and become a viable starting quarterback option for several teams, but it all comes down to a team giving him a shot.

The 32-year-old hasn’t changed his stance on wanting to play; it’s on the NFL to make it happen.