Colin Kaepernick’s Ex-Teammate Believes He Fits Perfectly Into NFL

The last few years have been a difficult process for Colin Kaepernick to get his NFL career back on track. Kaepernick‘s stance on playing again hasn’t changed in any regard, but that hasn’t led to any situation tossed his way to get back into the league. However, there has been a more significant recent push to get him back into the league due to the social unrest over the last several weeks. With that in mind, one former teammate has glowingly voiced that Kaepernick would fit perfectly into the mix in today’s league.

Colin Kaepernick’s NFL future

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Colin Kaepernick has remained on the outside looking into the NFL over nearly the last four years.

His desire to continue playing hasn’t wavered despite essentially being presented a lack of opportunities to maintain a career in the league. The recent pick up in the push for social change has lifted him back into the forefront of the discussion regarding his football career.

That has led to many airing out that they want to see him get another chance to prove he can play in the league. Another one of his former teammates has spoken out in support of him.

Michael Thomas believes Colin Kaepernick is a perfect fit for today’s NFL

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Over the last several weeks, there has been a strong push and support to get Colin Kaepernick another shot at returning to the NFL.

That has seen several of his colleagues voice that they are behind him getting back into the mix. Former 49ers teammate safety Michael Thomas in his article as a guest writer for NBC Sports’ Peter King’s “Football Morning in America” stated that Kaepernick would be a perfect fit in today’s game.

“He’s the type of quarterback that today’s NFL is built for. It’s built for the mobile quarterback, it’s built for the quarterback who can run but also throw. He’s that dual-threat option. He’s mobile, and he has a big arm that can hit the deep threat. He causes confusion for defenses if he gets into any kind of zone-read option. And obviously the RPO game is bigger than ever.

“Set aside for a second what the league would gain in terms of credibility by bringing him back. From a pure football standpoint, his style fits the league perfectly.”

Thomas spent the couple years of his career with the 49ers, where he played alongside Kaepernick. His comments ring loudly for what many other NFL players likely feel about the 32-year-old getting another chance to play in the league. Kaepernick has the track record to show that he can excel when given the chance, and the usage of RPOs could work to his advantage.

There is a place for him in the NFL, it’s just a matter of him getting that opportunity to prove it.

Will Colin Kaepernick get another shot in the NFL?

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The attention shifts over to Colin Kaepernick receiving a chance to prove that he can still play in the NFL.

The concerns over his social justice stance should wane as many players in the league share that same strong sentiment. That focus should be on his ability on the field, and many teams could bring him in to see what he can do at age 32. He has the talent that belongs on an NFL roster, it’s just a matter if a franchise will go that route.

Through it all, Kaepernick has made it quite clear that he still wants to play, but a shot at playing in the league remains out of his hands.