Colin Kaepernick’s Latest Comeback Attempt Has ‘at Least’ 5 Teams Interested

The NFL has experienced one of the most intense offseasons in history regarding quarterback movement. Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Matt Ryan, and Carson Wentz all got traded. Tom Brady announced he was returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a few weeks in retirement. Jameis Winston, Mitchell Trubisky, and Marcus Mariota all inked free-agent deals to be starting quarterbacks.

With so much movement going on all at once, there was a brief moment where it looked like there would be more quarterback-needy teams than available quarterbacks on the market. This caused someone by the name of Colin Kaepernick to take up an interest in attempting another return to the NFL.

The former San Francisco 49ers starter has flirted with attempts of returning to the NFL in the past. However, this offseason felt slightly different due to the swirl of QB trades.

Colin Kaepernick held a private workout with Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett

Following Russell Wilson’s trade away from Seattle, veteran Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett took an interest in Kaepernick, and the two linked up for a private workout.

Kaepernick threw passes to Lockett and several other wide receivers, signaling to the NFL world that he is serious about attempting another comeback.

The workout didn’t result in any contract offers from quarterback-less teams. However, one of Kaepernick’s trainers — David Robinson — claims that at least five teams have already approached him about Kaepernick.

‘At least five teams’ are reportedly interested

FA QB Colin Kaepernick.
Colin Kaepernick | Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Speaking with, Robinson stated several NFL teams are interested in Kaepernick.

A few teams have reached out to me and asked how his arm looked,” private trainer David Robinson told “They have reached out and asked about him.”

“[Kaepernick] definitely has the ability to play on somebody’s roster,” Robinson told “Like, a couple of the guys that were in the session that were on NFL teams were saying that his arm is just as strong as guys that we got on our roster right now and can play.”

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

Robinson may be simply drumming up hype about his client to generate interest. However, if we’re to take him by his word, it’s worth taking a look at which teams could be interested in giving Kaepernick another chance in the NFL.

Which teams are interested in Colin Kaepernick?

Right now, there are only two teams with glaring holes at the quarterback position; the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers. Seeing as Kaepernick was working out with Lockett, it’s reasonable to assume Seattle pondered the possibility.

The Panthers have also shown a willingness to act desperately at QB in the past. They paid Cam Newton a hefty sum in 2021.

Other teams that could still be in the market for a quarterback include the Steelers, Saints, Giants, Texans, Falcons, and Lions. All of these organizations have guys penciled in at QB1 for 2022. However, none of them are franchise-caliber guys.

Will Kaepernick get an NFL job this year? No, probably not. That ship likely sailed a long time ago. However, it’s always interesting to hear teams are still kicking the tires on him being a possible option. An unforeseen injury to a key starter could easily make Kaepernick a more attractive target.

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