Colts LB Darius Leonard Is Still on His Rookie Contract but Has Already Spent $20,000 Partying

Darius Leonard has become one of the best players in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts. He has only played in the league for three seasons, but he has proven that he is the real deal and that he is already one of the best linebackers in the league. However, with Darius Leonard only entering the NFL in 2018, he is still on his rookie contract. This hasn’t stopped him, though, from already spending $20,000 on parties throughout his career.

Darius Leonard is still on his rookie contract with the Colts

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Darius Leonard was a second-round pick with the Colts in 2018, and he has since proven that he was worth way more than that 36th overall selection.

Leonard’s first deal with Indianapolis was worth $7.24 million over four years, according to Spotrac. He earned $3.83 million in his rookie season before earning less than $1 million in 2019 and then $1.13 million in 2020.

So far, Leonard has made an estimated $5.77 million through his first three seasons. He will also earn another $3.44 million in 2021.

Clearly, Darius Leonard has made a significant amount of money on his rookie contract with the Colts. Compared to other players at his position, though, especially ones who produce like he does, he hasn’t made nearly as much as he is worth. Spotrac says his market value is a $19 million average annual salary. So far, his average annual salary has only been $1.8 million. That’s a massive difference.

Despite not yet receiving the significant payday that many people expect the Colts to give him, Leonard has already spent $20,000 on parties.

He has spent $20,000 on parties during his NFL career

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When Darius Leonard first entered the NFL, he didn’t just blow all of his money. He said that his financial adviser told him to save what he earns from his salary and to live off endorsements. So, it seems that Leonard has been smart about the way he spends and saves his cash. He has, however, also had a little bit of fun, too.

Leonard recently spoke to GQ Sports, and he discussed how he spent his first $1 million since entering the NFL. Of that first $1 million, Leonard spent $20,000 on parties.

“I throw parties every now and again for the hometown,” Leonard, who is from Lake View, South Carolina, said to GQ. “Every Valentine’s Day, every Fourth of July, those are the times where I’m home. So, I throw a Valentine’s Day Party; I do a Maniac Day for the kids, then I throw my all-white party. So, paying DJ, building, food, I probably spent $20K on parties and my Maniac Day for the kids.”

Those parties sound like a good time. Additionally, according to WBTW, Maniac Day, which refers to Darius Leonard’s nickname, Maniac, is a day where his community in Lake View plays games and enjoys fireworks.

So, while $20,000 might seem like a lot to spend on parties, it appears that Darius Leonard is just giving back to his hometown.

Leonard also spent his first $1 million on a truck, multiple cars — including his mom’s and wife’s — his wedding, a rookie dinner, clothes, jewelry, his mom’s house, tattoos, and land for his future home.

Despite taking care of his family, his hometown, and himself with the money he has earned so far, though, Leonard’s play for the Colts should ultimately help him become even more wealthy pretty soon.

Darius Leonard has become one of the NFL’s best players on the Colts

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After going to the Colts in the second round of the 2018 NFL draft, Darius Leonard became a star in his rookie season.

Leonard led the NFL in total tackles in 2018 with 163, and in solo tackles with 111. He also had seven sacks, and his play helped him earn First-Team All-Pro honors. Leonard then missed three games for the Colts in 2019 but still had 121 total tackles and five interceptions, which helped him earn his first Pro Bowl selection.

Leonard then just continued to prove his talent in 2020, earning Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro honors again. He ultimately recorded 132 total tackles and three sacks in that season for Indy.

Leonard has become an absolute superstar and one of the NFL’s best players throughout his career on the Colts so far. With the 2021 season being the last year of his rookie contract, though, Darius Leonard should become an extremely wealthy man very soon.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference