Conor McGregor Bluntly Revealed Why He Retired From the UFC

Following an eventful last few months, Conor McGregor is on track to make his UFC return next January. McGregor has experienced a rollercoaster year that includes stepping away from the sport for yet another time. He has now finally decided to address why he retired back in June.

Conor McGregor retires from the UFC

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Conor McGregor made his triumphant return to the octagon last January, where he swiftly defeated Donald Cerrone.

All that pushed forward the talk around him continuing his comeback trail a few more times in 2020. However, that never panned out in the fashion hoped as McGregor announced his retirement on June 6.

In his initial comments on social media, the 32-year-old voiced that he didn’t like sitting around and waiting for another fight. McGregor’s remarks gave off the sentiment that he still wants to continue fighting but wasn’t too happy about having to wait around.

Things have since smoothed out, with his next UFC fight scheduled for early 2021. McGregor took the time ahead of the match to voice why he chose to initially step away from his craft.

Conor McGregor states why he retired from the UFC

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With Conor McGregor set to make his return to the octagon next January, questions have arisen as to why he decided to step away earlier this year.

McGregor has danced around the topic over the last few months, but many have finally voiced the answer everyone has waited to hear. The 32-year-old took to social media earlier this week to air out that he felt ignored by the UFC with his request to have four fights in 2020 and decided to retire.

“After being ignored on the three dates I put forward, three consecutive dates I might add! [It] would have had me at four fights this calendar year. McGregor said. “Followed then by being sidelined because no crowds in attendance, I said f*** this and bounced.”

McGregor clearly had the desire to get into the octagon as much as possible after making his return last January in the win over Donald Cerrone. There are two sides to the story, but there was a significant interest in getting more fights worked out.

Things didn’t progress in the manner that McGregor hoped, so he chose to walk away from the business. All that is now water under the bridge with him set to make his long-awaited return in the coming months.

Comeback set for UFC 257

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The feeling around Conor McGregor is that he would return to the UFC if the conditions he wanted were met.

McGregor chose his opponent by initially setting up a sparring session with Dustin Poirier for early December in Ireland. It didn’t take long after that for Dana White and the UFC to step in to make it an official fight.

There are still parameters of the deal that need to be hammered out, but McGregor is set to be back in the Octagon for UFC 257 on Jan. 23. The 32-year-old voiced the desire to fight at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, but there has yet to be any significant movement.

The two fighters previously fought back at UFC 178 in September 2014, with McGregor coming out on top via a knockout in the first round. Since then, much time has passed, with both garnering more experience that could see a much more competitive fight come January.