Conor McGregor May Finally Get What He Truly Wants

Conor McGregor is amid another retirement, but there remains speculation that he could return. McGregor looks like he wants to command his UFC future with his eyes on fighting premier opponents if he were to come back. With that in mind, a pathway to what he truly wants may have presented itself.

Conor McGregor decides to retire

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Since Conor McGregor‘s colossal return win over Donald Cerrone, he has remained out of the octagon.

That led McGregor to take the action of retiring from the UFC for another time over social media on June 6. He cited that he didn’t like sitting around for another fight and that he was happy to step away. It’s hard to decipher if he’s legitimately stepping away because he no longer wants to fight.

His comments certainly give off the tone that he still wants to get into the octagon and hates waiting for his next fight. There are plenty of fighters who want to take on McGregor; it may just be finding the right opponent and time for his next bout.

That said, UFC President Dana White has voiced that McGregor is done for at least the 2020 slate. White also stated that he hasn’t looked beyond this year, but views the former lightweight champion as retired. However, if McGregor may have what he wants available to him in the coming months.

Conor McGregor could get his rematch against Khabib

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Since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor has been eyeing a rematch to avenge his loss.

Things haven’t progressed in that manner over nearly the last two years on that front. It doesn’t mean all is lost there as Khabib recently voiced that he would possibly entertain taking on McGregor again if he can beat Dustin Poirer first. (H/T MMA Junkie)

“Let him come back (and) defeat Dustin Poirier, then we will fight with him – no problem,” he said (via translation).

There is still another hurdle first for Khabib with his upcoming fight against Justin Gaethje in October. He is the betting favorite due to his dominance, maintaining an undefeated record with a 12-0 mark in the UFC and a 28-0 overall standing.

Khabib’s suggestion is quite interesting, given that McGregor has already fought and beat Poirier in his career. He topped in 106 seconds at UFC 178 in September 2014 via a TKO. Meanwhile, Khabib’s last fight was against Poirier, who he beat by submission in the third round at UFC 242 in September 2019.

It may be viewed as brushing aside McGregor, but also shows that he wants to see him back in the octagon going through another match before agreeing to a rematch.

Will it actually happen?

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Undoubtedly, there is much that needs to unfold first before the idea of Conor McGregor getting his rematch against Khabib.

The desire is there to avenge his last loss, but he has to prove that he deserves to get that match. It’s not guaranteed that he will return as he’s still retired from the UFC. He can quickly put himself back in the mix next year, but that would require him to fight another opponent.

If McGregor were to go that route, he would have his pick of the litter of opponents with Jorge Masvidal and light heavyweight champion Kamaru Usman throwing their names out there. The table is set for him to make a comeback; it may be him being quite picky with what direction he wants to head.

Meanwhile, Khabib is in the driver’s seat with what he wants to do next with his UFC career.