Conor McGregor Should Pick on Someone His Own Size

For fans curious of whom Conor McGregor is fighting next, the answer has arrived. A recent video released by TMZ shows McGregor picking a fight with and then sucker-punching an old man in the face at a bar. This fight happened because the old man refused to try a sample of McGregor’s Proper 12 whiskey, and that infuriated McGregor.

Conor McGregor and Proper 12

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This brand of Whiskey was founded by McGregor, although his actual involvement with the production process is unknown. Regardless, Conor McGregor is the face of the company, and he’s been promoting Proper 12 since it was founded. 

With McGregor’s fame, the whiskey became successful overnight, and in April of 2019, it’s reportedly already sold over 200,000 cases worldwide. This would mean that Proper 12 is the second best selling Irish Whiskey, after Jameson Irish Whiskey. 

McGregor has long talked about making “Diddy bread“, which is slang for the money that the musical artist Sean Combs, or P. Diddy, makes from his partial ownership of Ciroc, a vodka brand. In fact, according to Forbes, Combs is worth $740 million, much of which is thanks to the success of Ciroc.

Whether or not Proper 12 will allow McGregor to make Diddy bread remains to be seen, but with the early success of the whiskey, it has a bright future ahead. 


Conor McGregor has always been a smart fighter, and he understands that he can’t keep fighting forever. In fact, technically speaking, he’s currently retired from the UFC, but nobody really believes him.  

After a Brazilian fighter died while fighting in Ireland, McGregor openly talked about how dangerous the sport is and in other interviews, he’s also mentioned how he wants to retire healthy. 

By creating Proper 12 whiskey and potentially making that Diddy bread from it, McGregor hopes to do just that. By leveraging his fame and popularity with something that people can keep buying and drinking even after he retires, McGregor is in essence, using Proper 12 as his retirement plan. 

Bad promotion

However, his success is in his image, and by punching that old man in the bar because he refused to try McGregor’s whiskey, McGregor has hurt his reputation immensely. People from around the world blasted McGregor for his action, and McGregor recently went on ESPN to talk about the incident and apologize for it.

That’s really all McGregor can do and whether or not people will forgive him for that sucker punch remains to be seen. McGregor’s victim, however, has spoken up and called him a bully, and few people can dispute that.

If McGregor’s image and reputation don’t recover, then Proper 12 may not survive as a prominent whiskey brand for long, as it’s almost entirely dependent on McGregor’s image. That said, the easiest way for McGregor to win back fans as well as promote his whiskey would be to schedule a fight, which he hasn’t done yet. 

A real fight

We’ve talked about whom McGregor should fight next, and those 3 options are still good ideas. However, at this point, McGregor just needs to pick a fight with somebody his own size and preferably, around his own age. 

Those 3 men will probably be the most popular fights, as those 3 men are popular in their own right. But there are plenty of other guys who could give McGregor a good fight, even if they aren’t that popular themselves. 

Tony Ferguson is on a 12 fight win streak and is a former champion. A fight between McGregor and Ferguson would be a great showcase of their skills. Jose Aldo, the man that McGregor knocked out in 13 seconds to win the featherweight title, would also be a great fight to make. Especially, since Aldo never really got to show his skills against McGregor. 

Either way, fans are just tired of seeing McGregor fight random people in bars. They want to see McGregor get into a real fight as soon as possible.