Conor McGregor Teased That This May be His Next Career Move

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is at it again. After losing a title fight to Khabib Nurmagomedov over a year ago and then committing various crimes, McGregor is ready to get back into action. However, other than fighting in the UFC, he’s also talked about moving onto another sport.

Conor McGregor’s career so far

Although Conor McGregor’s rise to stardom was fast and meteoric, it has recently slowed down as McGregor began to do his own thing. After joining the UFC in 2013, McGregor vowed to take over the UFC. In just three years, he did just that. 

First, he knocked out the long-reigning champion, Jose Aldo, in just 13 seconds in 2015. This is still the record for the fastest win for a title fight. Then, he fought Nate Diaz in early 2016. Diaz famously won the fight by submission in the 2nd round, but this only inspired McGregor to work harder. In a few months, the two men fought again, and McGregor won this time.

Then, with a few weeks of rest, McGregor moved up in weight and challenged the champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205. McGregor completely dominated Alvarez and won himself the lightweight title. By doing that, he became the first man to become the champion of the two weight classes at the same time.

McGregor wasn’t done yet though. His next move was to boxing, and although he’d lose to Floyd Mayweather, he’d make himself millions.

Conor McGregor’s decline

This was when McGregor peaked, in terms of his fighting. In 2018, McGregor got himself arrested after he attacked a bus that Nurmagomedov was in. This would eventually lead to the two men fighting each other. This fight was not competitive, as Nurmagomedov dominated McGregor and then choked him out in the 4th round. 

McGregor only went downhill in the eyes of his fans from there. Instead of focusing on fighting and training, McGregor instead focused on his new whiskey brand. McGregor saw his whiskey as an insurance policy. It was a way for him to make money after he retires from fighting. 

In promoting his whiskey, however, he got himself into a bar fight. There, he sucker-punched an old man on the side of his head. The old man simply didn’t want to try McGregor’s whiskey, and that angered him. This event soured McGregor’s image even more in the eyes of his fans.

McGregor’s finally back on his groove, however, and he’s been dying to fight someone in the UFC soon. However, since many fans think he’s hit his peak in terms of fighting, many fans think that he’s serious when he recently said that he’s thinking about joining the WWE after his career in the UFC ends. 

Next WWE star?

This move from the UFC to the WWE isn’t a new one. The two organizations have a long history with one another. Brock Lesnar, a WWE champion, famously made the move over to the UFC in 2008. Lesnar was actually very successful, and he became the heavyweight champion in the same year. 

UFC fighters moving over to the WWE is a more recent phenomenon, however, but it’s not uncommon. For example, Ronda Rousey, the former women’s bantamweight champion, retired from the UFC to join the WWE. Even more recently, Cain Velasquez, the former heavyweight champion who beat Lesnar to win the title, also joined the WWE after retiring from the UFC.

Conor McGregor, if he joins the WWE, would fit in well in the organization. The WWE loves charismatic trash talkers like McGregor, and he would get a chance to talk on the mic far more often. His athletic prowess will also serve him well in the WWE. Plus, because of how popular McGregor is, the WWE will probably make him champion very quickly.

On top of that, McGregor’s been vocal against WWE because he thinks that it’s a fake sport. In 2016, he actually started a feud against the entire WWE roster by saying that he’d slap them all if he could. Many WWE superstars responded to McGregor over social media, rebuking him and making fun of him. If McGregor joins the WWE, then these tensions could be a source of some fun fights.