Conor McGregor’s Favorite $4 Million Superyacht Gets Him Through Good Times and Bad

It’s tough to fight in the UFC, as getting punched in the face repeatedly isn’t exactly healthy. That’s what happened to Conor McGregor recently, as he got knocked out by his foe, Dustin Poirier, at UFC 257. However, rather than recovering at a hospital, Conor McGregor is spending a lot of time on a $4 million superyacht. 

A bittersweet night for Conor McGregor

After not having a fight for the majority of 2020, McGregor finally made his much-anticipated return to the octagon at UFC 257. Since McGregor is still a popular fighter, this fight generated a lot of interest from UFC fans.

As such, according to The Independent, both fighters were well-compensated for their work. McGregor, for example, earned about $30 million when all’s said and done.

That massive paycheck aside though, the fight didn’t exactly go his way. Poirier’s game plan of chopping down McGregor with leg kicks paid off, and by the second round, McGregor was struggling to stay standing.

Poirier smelled blood in the water, and he pushed forward and fired off a furious volley of punches at McGregor. That proved to be too much for McGregor, who fell down, forcing the referee to call off the fight.

Although he was not knocked out cold, he was still soundly beaten by Poirier. As a result, the UFC gave him a six-month medical suspension so that he could rest and recover. That’s pretty normal for everyone who gets knocked out, but McGregor seems to be spending those six months in style.

Staying in a $4 million superyacht

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Like Insider wrote, after this loss, McGregor made no excuses. He complimented Poirier’s game plan, and although he knows that he will fight Poirier again to finish out the trilogy, he understood that it was time to rest. He just wanted to go relax with his family on his yacht, eat some pancakes, and have some Irish coffee. 

That being said, this wasn’t actually his yacht. According to Alt-Driver, McGregor’s 300-foot superyacht was a chartered yacht, which means that he rented it from a company. He primarily used it while he was staying on Fight Island, which is located in Abu Dhabi. While this was an expensive yacht, it did come with a lot of luxurious amenities. 

McGregor’s yacht had things such as a theater, a business center, and of course, a gym among other things. While McGregor didn’t own this particular yacht, he does have his own back home. In fact, according to Alt-Driver, he actually owns at least two yachts.

A look at Conor McGregor’s actual yachts

Alt-Driver wrote that McGregor owns a so-called Lamborghini yacht, which was a yacht that was built as a collaboration between Lamborghini and the Italian Sea Group.

Since it’s a Lamborghini, it’s ridiculously powerful for a yacht, it has two V-12 engines which generate a combined 4,000-hp. This allows it to travel at about 60 knots, which is pretty fast for a luxury yacht.

The other yacht that McGregor owns, according to Alt-Driver, is a Prestige 750. Compared to the Lamborghini yacht or the 300-foot superyacht, the Prestige 750 is a more standard yacht. It’s still a luxurious boat, but it’s on a different level compared to the bigger boats.

And when it comes to bigger boats, McGregor has seen them all. Like Perfect Yacht Charter wrote, after he made over $100 million losing to Floyd Mayweather in 2018, McGregor spent $12 million in cash buying that Lamborghini yacht.

He partied on it in Ibiza, and he ended up sailing next to the world’s biggest yacht, the Sailing Yacht A, which is valued at about $400 million.