Conor McGregor’s Nutritionists Shocked His Coach: ‘No Way He’s Gonna Be Able to Eat All This Food’

Being a UFC fighter isn’t all fun and games. They know training requires commitment, dedication, determination, and, of course, skill. Many athletes think outside the box. Conor McGregor is one of many UFC fighters who’s worked with nutritionists to level up his game. Find out who McGregor is working with and what the UFC legend’s daily regime looks like. 

Nutritionists Lockhart and Leith

Lockhart and Leith is a team of professionals that offer a “complete nutrition application solution for gym trainers and trainees.” George Lockhart and Dan Leith are the co-founders behind the thriving business. Lockhart’s passion for the industry stems from his own experiences as growing up overweight.

On the other hand, from his time as an athlete, Leith understands the dangers that come with trying to reach goals and pushing the body to the limit. Together, the pair were able to come up with a concept that could deliver the knowledge and tools their customers would need to reach their full potential. 

What are Lockhart and Leith best known for? 

Lockhart and Leith are known for their expertise and results. The company’s methodology focuses on taking advantage of the present. They offer many certification courses and give interested individuals the opportunity to become Weight Cut Specialists. They have also developed a nutrition app that helps clients stay motivated.

By building in educational opportunities the users are able to reach their goals while becoming more empowered. Lockhart and Leith specialize in working with UFC athletes. Sam Alvey and Tyson Fury are two professional athletes who have successfully worked with the well-trusted company. 

The nutritionists’ plan for Conor McGregor


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Alvey isn’t the only UFC fighter interested in Lockhart and Leith. McGregor has begun working with the team at L&L and has nothing but positive things to say about his experiences so far. Although coach John Kavanagh thought it was unlikely, the fighter proved doubters wrong with the help of Lockhart and Leith.

McGregor and Lockhart bonded quickly. The nutritionist likely didn’t have much of a choice; McGregor invited him to Ireland to help him meal prep. Using fresh pesto, lime, and ginger, Lockhart was able to make McGregor’s meals both lean and tasty. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and a lot of veggies are other staples of the fighter’s diet, reports Man of Many

Each morning, McGregor wakes up and rehydrates. He does cardio before eating breakfast. A coffee, smoked salmon, eggs, and fruit is his typical breakfast. Pre- and post-workouts are key in McGregor’s routine. As his coach pointed out, the diet plan required him to eat clean and eat a LOT of food. McGregor’s coach doubted him. Luckily, he proved everyone wrong. Two days later, McGregor lost five pounds. 

This upcoming January, McGregor will face Dustin Poirier in a rematch. The lightweight pros will go head to head at UFC 257, details CBS Sports. Back in 2014, McGregor defeated the Poirier in just under two minutes. UFC’s fans are interested to see how McGregor fairs in the fight, but if he is sticking to Lockhart’s plan it is likely he will be on top of his game.