Corey Maggette Reveals 1 Insane Way Kobe Bryant Prepared for An NBA Season

Throughout his illustrious 20-year NBA career, former Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant developed a strong reputation for his fearless approach to the game. That became a massive part of his identity as a player that helped him reach that extra gear to push his way forward to push his game to the next level to get the most out of him. That often led to Bryant taking out of the box approaches to help test his limits mentally to get to that mindset. Former LA Clippers star Corey Maggette has revealed an absolutely crazy method his longtime peer used to once prepare for an NBA season.

Kobe Bryant’s mental approach to the game

Bryant’s desire for greatness was a driving factor for his success on the court. It was a significant part of who he was as a player that had that “no-fear” instinct of taking on any challenge while pushing him to strive to be a better player on the floor.

That approach to the game took on the mantra “Mamba Mentality” later in his career, but it’s something that he stood by firmly that helped him become the player he was. Bryant attacked his craft with a passionate approach that garnered a great deal of respect from his peers over the years.

It’s also something that led to him sometimes taking some out of the ordinary approaches to get him there mentality.

The insane way Kobe Bryant prepared for an NBA season

Over the years, there have been stories about Bryant’s unique methods for preparing for an NBA season over the summer.

Many of which are ones that have raised eyebrows as to why he would approach things in that manner. One of those insane ways has come to light as Maggette recently revealed that Bryant once swam with great white sharks to get ready for an NBA season, according to Jovan Buha of The Athletic.

“As far as with Kobe, you just knew that he was different. He was different. I remember the call that I got from Rob [Pelinka] and Kobe. Rob called me and said, ‘Man, you wouldn’t believe where I am right now.’ I said, ‘Where?’ He said, ‘Man, we’re in the middle of the ocean and Kobe is trying to prepare himself for the rigors of the season. He’s swimming with great white sharks.’ I’m like, ‘What?!’ He said, ‘He’s literally swimming with great white sharks.’

“I’ll never forget that. He sent me a video of him literally swimming with great white sharks. And Kobe was like, ‘Hey, if you want to get some of this Mamba, you need to come swim with the sharks.’ I’m like, ‘Kob, I’m not coming to swim with no damn sharks, man. You’re on your own with that one.’ It was just a different approach.”

It’s an absolutely mindblowing way to approach preparing for anything basketball or sports-related. The notion of being around sharks is dangerous in its own right, but to be willing to do it underlines the type of person Bryant was.

He had a “no fear” approach to his craft and felt that doing that would help take him to the next level mentality. At the same time, Maggette’s reaction to that offer is one that is more than reasonable.

Kobe Bryant’s legacy

Beyond his incredible career that was filled with memorable performances and moments, Bryant provided more than just that.

His approach to the game and life has left a lasting impact on adopting that mindset in their own lives and careers. It’s something that goes well beyond any basketball court.

That is a huge reason why his loss was such a significant blow to the NBA and the sports world. Bryant made an impact on many lives behind what he brought to the table on and off the court. It’s a tough transition to make with him gone, but his legacy and mental approach will always be there.