Could This Be the Next Phase of Drew Brees’ NFL Career?

Drew Brees has been one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks of the past 20 years. As he gets closer to the end of his career, speculation about his post-career plans begins to grow. Will Brees coach? When will he retire? Does he have another season left in him, or is this the end? 

According to one report from a trusted NFL source, the next step in Brees’ career could be a common one for retired players that he’d fit well in.

Drew Brees’ NFL career overview

Brees began his career with the San Diego Chargers. Due to shoulder problems, the team opted to look elsewhere for a long-term quarterback, trading for the draft rights to Philip Rivers in 2004. Soon thereafter, the team jettisoned Brees in favor of Rivers. Several franchises in need of a quarterback investigated the possibility of bringing Brees. The one that did was the New Orleans Saints. What came next is history. 

Following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina decimating the New Orleans area in 2005, Drew Brees was like a shining beacon of hope for the city. He stepped forward as one of the team’s leaders not just on the field but in the community. Brees’ new role culminated in him guiding the Saints to an upset victory over the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl. 

While Brees and the Saints have not won a Super Bowl since then, they’ve been perennial contenders. They are annually among one of the top playoff teams in the league. 

Brees’ 2019 season had highs and lows

Brees missed several games in 2019 with a thumb injury. Luckily, the Saints had the capable Teddy Bridgewater available as his backup, and the team barely missed a beat. 

The Saints won the NFC South this season, but they were upset in the first round of the playoffs by the Minnesota Vikings at home. That said, Brees and the Saints still had a stellar season. Here were his stats for 2019

  • Win-loss record of 8-3
  • 27 touchdowns
  • Four interceptions
  • 2,979 passing yards
  • Completed 74% of his passes

Brees still broke the all-time touchdown passing record despite missing time. The five games Brees missed may have actually helped him. With his advanced age, the extra rest may have preserved his body. His play was excellent, as evidenced by his touchdowns-to-interception ratio. 

This could be the next phase of Drew Brees’ career

Whenever Saints' QB Drew Brees decides to retire from the NFL, he might already have his second career lined up.
Drew Brees. | Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Based on his play alone, several teams would still want to have Brees as their quarterback. And the leadership and intangibles he would bring to a locker room are second to none. But the fact remains that Brees is ancient for an NFL player. Whether he can still play at a relatively high level or not, he may want to give his body a break by retiring. Certainly, no one could blame him after the epic career he’s had. 

So what’s next for Drew Brees? Possibly broadcasting. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that at least one network has put out feelers to Brees about his interest in a potential spot on TV next season. According to Schefter, the network was not ESPN. 

It’s unclear whether Brees would be a studio analyst or color commentator, but does it matter? Brees would be fantastic in either role. Brees has always been a well-spoken communicator who would likely thrive much like Tony Romo has in his brief but spectacular broadcasting career. 

If Brees still has some game left in him, he should return to the field. But it’s apparent that the second he retires, he’ll have no shortage of career opportunities to choose from. Expect a bidding war between the networks when he does make himself available.