Cowboys Fans Jokingly Agreed That There Was One Man for the Head Coaching Job

The Dallas Cowboys recently found their next head coach. The search was led by owner Jerry Jones, the very definition of a hands-on executive. With this in mind, Cowboys fans had one far-fetched idea for the team’s next head coach.

The history of Jerry Jones owning the Dallas Cowboys

Coming from the oil industry, Jones bought the Cowboys in the late ’80s. The franchise struggled mightily in Jones’ early years. But several key moves put the team in a position to become the team of the ’90s: 

  • Jones fired longtime head coach Tom Landry then hired his former University of Arkansas teammate Jimmy Johnson. Johnson had experienced great success coaching at the University of Miami.
  • The Cowboys traded running back Herschel Walker to the Vikings for multiple draft picks, replenishing a depleted roster with talent at multiple positions. 
  • The team drafted quarterback Troy Aikman, running back Emmitt Smith, and wide receiver Michael Irvin. These three became the “Triplets,” one of the most successful offensive trios in playoff history. 

The Cowboys won three Super Bowls in the ’90s. But they haven’t had much success since then. Since winning their last Super Bowl, the team has failed to advance as far as the NFC championship game. They’ve also seen several head coaches, none equal the success of those great ’90s teams.  

The history of Cowboys coaches

The Cowboys have only had eight coaches in their franchise history. Below is each coach the team employed: 

  • Tom Landry
  • Jimmy Johnson
  • Barry Switzer
  • Chan Gailey
  • Dave Campo
  • Bill Parcells
  • Wade Phillips
  • Jason Garrett

After nearly a decade of playoff futility and mediocrity, the Cowboys finally moved on from Garrett. One thing that was a common thread throughout every coaching regime is that Jones exerts a lot of control.

He and Johnson clashed over who should have more say in team operations, which led to Johnson’s departure. Jones is currently the only NFL owner to act as the team’s general manager. He has veto power over every move the organization makes. 

Now that it’s clear how Jones runs the team, you may be surprised by who the fans wanted to coach the Cowboys moving forward.

Who Cowboys fans (jokingly) agree should be the next head coach 

In a piece written with tongue firmly in cheek, USA Today said the next Cowboys coach should be none other than Jones himself. The reasoning? Jones craves the attention of being the owner and should just go all the way, naming himself the actual coach. Reddit got in the action, too. 

While the sentiment is meant to be humorous, it’s not as far-fetched as some thought based on Jones’s track record. He has a startling inability to trust the people he hires to make football decisions, micromanaging every aspect of the football team.

Jones holds weekly media sessions with the press, which often undermines the coach’s perceived ability to make decisions. It also gives the coach another distraction to answer for when media members ask questions about the owner’s comments. 

It’s doubtful the Cowboys will experience any lasting success unless Jones can more effectively delegate responsibility. If he were just the GM and not also the owner, he would’ve been fired long ago. Jones should consider “firing” himself in place of football people who are better at evaluating talent.