The Cowboys Just Helped out Their Biggest Rival With a Commanding Week 14 Win Over Washington

With the postseason creeping ever closer, more and more games are starting to mean something when it comes to playoff spots and potential seeding. The Dallas Cowboys‘ Week 14 matchup with the Washington Football Team fit such a description, as it had significant implications for both participating teams.

On the one hand, the Cowboys were looking to secure their ninth win of the season, giving them a firm grasp on first place in the NFC East moving forward. On the other hand, Washington wanted to establish itself as a serious player in the wild-card conversation. It entered the afternoon as the No. 7 seed. However, it needed some insurance.

The Cowboys beat Washington 27-20

The final score paints the picture of a close affair. However, that really wasn’t the case. The Cowboys stormed into Washington and took care of business — own benches in tow and everything.

The Cowboys were in control of the divisional game for most of the afternoon. They entered the fourth quarter with a multi-score lead as Taylor Heinicke and the WFT offense struggled to get anything substantial going against a stifling Dallas defense.

The Cowboys defense forced four turnovers and recorded five sacks. Washington had to punt seven times. Rookie linebacker Micah Parsons was particularly impressive, finishing the game with two sacks and three tackles.

It was precisely the type of performance Dallas needed on the road against an NFC East rival. It extended its lead in the division by a complete game, simultaneously halting any momentum Washington was playing with after a streak of good performances.

The Eagles are quietly thrilled with the Cowboys’ win

Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb.
CeeDee Lamb | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Amid the Cowboys’ celebration, another NFC team is quietly thrilled with their result. In fact, it’s the Cowboys’ historic rivals who find themselves grinning from ear to ear.

Yes, the Cowboys just did the Philadelphia Eagles a huge solid by beating Washington. Despite their unimpressive 6-7 record, the Eagles are still a firm contender for a wild-card spot in the NFC this year, and Dallas’ win over Washington makes it that much more of a realistic goal.

Five teams in the NFC have a 6-7 record: the Eagles, the Football Team, the Minnesota Vikings, the New Orleans Saints, and the Atlanta Falcons. The final seeding will likely come down to tiebreakers. However, the Eagles find themselves in a good spot moving forward.

The Eagles are gearing up for a final playoff push


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The Eagles already possess tiebreakers over the Saints and Falcons, and their upcoming Week 15 matchup is against none other than the Washington Football Team.

If there was ever a time for the Eagles to cement themselves as a real threat to the NFC wild-card picture, it’s now.

Had the Cowboys failed to defeat the Football Team, we’d be looking at a scenario in which Philadelphia was still a full game behind in the standings. Instead, everyone is on a level playing field, and everyone — including the Eagles — has a shot at winning their way into the postseason.

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