Cowboys Legend Michael Irvin Says Patrick Mahomes Is Like Steph Curry

The path of the NBA changed when Steph Curry entered the league. The day of the big man down low or the power forward posting up gave way to long-range three-pointers, and Curry led the charge. Some speculate that the NFL is experiencing the same changes the NBA recently did with star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The comparisons between the two are numerous, as former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin points out.

Patrick Mahomes’ 2020 season

It’s pretty hard to follow-up Patrick Mahomes’ last two seasons. He won the Super Bowl, earned the Super Bowl MVP, was already the league’s MVP, and is a two time Pro Bowler. Not too bad for only your fourth year in the league. After winning the Super Bowl, Mahomes and the Chiefs felt a bit more pressure to produce a winning 2020 season. So how’s it going so far?

Well, not too bad. Mahomes seems to improve every week. In fact, he’s had a higher completion percentage and more rushing yards than he did in his MVP season. Through week 11, he’s completed 254 passes for 3,035 yards and rushed for 187 yards. The Chiefs are atop the AFC West and expected to easily cruise into the playoffs.  

Cue the comparisons

Anytime players are successful in any professional sport, fans and broadcasters are quick to make comparisons to legends of the past. Mahomes is no different, but instead of being compared to someone from yesterday, many are comparing him to a superstar of today — Steph Curry. One of those making comparisons is former NFL star, Michael Irvin. Irvin is considered one of the greatest wide receivers, so his opinions have real merit.

Via ESPN reporter Nick Friedell’s Twitter, Irvin said, “I consider Patrick to be the Steph Curry of the NFL. Somebody that’s going to take this thing to the next level. Steph Curry took 3-pt shooting to the next level … in a sense, Pat Mahomes is doing some of that in the world of the NFL.” That’s high praise considering Curry is one of the most dominant players in the NBA. But the sentiment is referred to time and time again, so what exactly are the comparisons between the two?

Comparing the superstars


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Curry was a force when he entered the NBA. He led the Golden State Warriors to three NBA Championships, is a two time NBA MVP, and a six-time All-Star. He is an offensive force, and his ability to generate long-range shots, especially three-pointers, with deadly accuracy changed how the game was played and made his team more effective and in a better position to dominate the league.

Mahomes, although he’s only been in the NFL a few short years, has the same potential as Curry. He already led his team to a championship and has been named NFL MVP. His deadly accuracy with long-range passes is unparalleled. Mahomes can clearly see the field and make plays happen when none seem to exist. He’s balanced and has a level of maturity on the field only seen in QBs who’ve been in the league for many years. 

Mahomes’ career is still young, but he has all the potential in the world to change the game of football, just like Curry did with basketball. So far, his 2020 season is looking like a tremendous success, and if the Chiefs make it far into the postseason, the reign of quarterback great Patrick Mahomes will just be starting.