Cowboys Legend Troy Aikman Fires a Major Shot at a Key Division Rival: ‘[The Giants] Aren’t in Dallas’ Class as Far as I’m Concerned’

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants dislike each other. That pretty much goes without saying.

Once upon a time, a fierce rivalry persisted between the two sides, with the Giants largely getting the better of their NFC East rival during their Super Bowl-winning days with Eli Manning under center.

However, times have changed. The Cowboys have unquestionably been the better team over the past few seasons, and at least one Dallas legend thinks the Giants don’t even deserve being compared to his former team.

Cowboys legend Troy Aikman blasts the Giants

Former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman during a recent NFL game.
Troy Aikman | Bob Levey/Getty Images

With a Week 5 matchup looming between the two sides, Troy Aikman pulled no punches in his assessment of the Giants.

During an interview on 96.7 FM The Ticket, Aikman delivered a brutal assessment on the state of New York’s football team.

“And the amount of pressure that this offense puts on an opponent — because they are so explosive that there’s a lot of pressure for an opposing offense to feel that they’ve got to go do something every time they have the ball,” Aikman explained. “And if they don’t, they’re going to be down two scores. That’s going to be the challenge for the Giants. They’re coming off a big win, but they’re, in my opinion — and I understand in the NFL anybody can beat anybody and all that — but [the Giants] aren’t in Dallas’ class as far as I’m concerned.”

Troy Aikman via 96.7 FM The Ticket and

Are the Cowboys really that much better than the Giants?

While the Giants will forever be able to brag about their two Super Bowl wins over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, Aikman has a point regarding the team’s current state.

They haven’t been good the past few seasons. In fact, they’ve barely looked competitive.

The Giants are 18-46 since 2017 and haven’t made it past the Wild Card Round of the playoffs since 2011. On the contrary, the Cowboys are 33-24 since 2017 and made it to the Divisional Round as recently as 2018. Dallas also won the NFC East in 2018. The Giants haven’t had a division-winning season since 2011.

To put it rather bluntly, Aikman is fairly spot on with his analysis. The Giants haven’t been in the same class as the Cowboys over the past few years.

Can the Giants catch up moving forward?

The main question on everyone’s mind in New York is, “are the Giants heading in the right direction?”

There are still major questions regarding Daniel Jones’ ability to be a franchise quarterback, and the organization’s front office/head coach structure is lackluster. The general expectation is that Dave Gettleman or Joe Judge (or both) will be fired this offseason if the Giants cannot crack the postseason.

The Giants spent heavily this past offseason, splashing $70-plus million on WR Kenny Golladay. They also drafted WR Kadarius Toney in the first round. Thus far, the results have been less than promising.

The Giants are coming off an impressive overtime win against the New Orleans Saints in Week 4, but their road ahead looks tough. They’re playing several playoff-caliber teams, including a Week 5 showdown with the before-mentioned Cowboys.

So, can the Giants catch up to the Cowboys moving forward? The best guess is no; they can’t. Another full-scale rebuild could be on the horizon for New York, as Aikman is alluding to.

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

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