Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Pledges $1 Million to Fight Systematic Racism

In the wake of yet another African American man, George Floyd, being brutally killed by law enforcement’s mishandling and mistreatment, has created a strong national push for change. That led to a ripple effect throughout the country through protests and many utilizing their voices over social media to advocate and strive for significant change in the United States.

That has also seen many notable professional athletes use their platforms to back that effort to help address the seemingly endless cycle of injustice that minorities, in particular, the black community continues to face. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has stepped forward with an honorable gesture to help bring an end to the broken system in place in the country.

George Floyd’s passing

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Just over a week ago, Minneapolis native, George Floyd, was ruthlessly treated and unjustly handled by the local police.

The entire incident stemmed from a deli employee calling 911 due to the belief that Floyd had paid for cigarettes using a fake $20 bill. That quickly escalated around 17 minutes later from the call as the 46-year-old went to being unconscious on the ground after being knelt on the neck by a police officer for nearly nine minutes.

The final three minutes of that period were with him being unconscious and not moving around. That was followed by improper treatment from law enforcement after that incident that led to his death. There has been a significant push from many throughout the country behind protests demanding necessary change to fix and get rid of this never-ending cycle.

There have been many notable sports figures to voice their strong support for the change as Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Dak Prescott has been among those stepping up.

Dak Prescott to donate $1 million to fight systematic racism

There has been a strong outpouring of support for the protest toward bringing justice and change to the broken system in place.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has made a massive effort as he announced on Wednesday that he would be donating $1 million to help address systematic racism.

“As a black, multiracial American, I am disgusted and unsettled! I am as optimistic as they come! I try to understand and find the positive in every situation or aspect of my life. My mom left me the word FAITH to live out for a reason. I believe in the good in each individual and this country as a whole! To be humble and to see every man and woman as the same takes humility and accountability.”

Prescott voiced that he has struggled with anxiety through the coronavirus pandemic while the loss of his brother, Jace Prescott, has pushed him toward finding a bigger purpose. He voiced that he doesn’t agree with the looting and violence that is occurring during the protest.

The 26-year-old is calling for accountability from law enforcement in the communities, and the community’s people need to help hold them responsible for their duty. He also voiced that he believes police officers are “as guilty as the men who stood by Derek Chauvin” if they don’t stand up against the systematic racism.

Prescott’s firm stance is a testament to his character and pushes for equality in all phases.

More athletes need to follow in Dak Prescott’s footsteps

The United States is amid another crystal-clear example of the unjust and unfair treatment that minorities receive daily.

The brutal and ruthless actions that law enforcement often conducts that shine a brighter light the changes that must be made. That will need the help of many other professional athletes to bring more attention and take additional steps toward helping out the black community through this never-ending issue.

The hope is that Prescott’s contributions are followed by many others to create significant change in the United States to bring an end to the many injustices in this country.