Cowboys Star Ezekiel Elliott’s Family Is Full of Athletes

NFL fans were full of anticipation when Ezekiel Elliott was picked as the fourth overall draft pick in 2016. They wondered if he’d live up to the hype. And he proved the doubters wrong. The young pro was arguably been the best rookie running back in NFL history.

His success has earned him fame and fortune, but he’s not the only Elliott with impressive athletic abilities. Elliott comes from a long line of athletes. Right now, his sisters’ athletic accomplishments rival that of their famous brother.

Stacy and Dawn Elliott

Long before Elliott was born, his grandfather, Leon Huff, played basketball for Duke, reports Clutch Points. His performance earned him a spot on the Tigers ’70s all-decade team. Huff’s daughter, Elliot’s mother, inherited her father’s love of sports. Dawn Huff competed for the University of Missouri in the heptathlon.

While attending Missouri, Huff met her husband, Stacy Elliot. At the time, Elliott was a linebacker for the Missouri Tigers. During his college tenure, the Tigers were so bad he only experienced 12 wins. Fortunately, his children experienced many more victories.

Lailah and Aaliyah Elliott

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Ezekiel did not follow in his parent’s footsteps by attending the University of Missouri. Instead, he committed to Ohio State. There he spent his three-year college career. His ever-supportive father supported Ezekiel’s choice in school and moved to Ohio himself. He got involved in the athletic program as an Ohio State football program ambassador.

The family’s involvement led to an unsurprising choice for Ezekiel’s little sister, Lailah Elliot. She signed with Ohio State, too, as USA Today reports. Like her brother, Lailah is a powerful force to be reckoned with. She carries her mother’s legacy by competing in track and field. In 2019, Lailah’s team won the Big 10.

There is no doubt we have more to see from the young track star and in the future, her little sister, Aaliyah Elliott. The youngest Elliott sibling proves to be a star athlete, too. Like her mother and sister, Aaliyah competes in track and field. In fact, she feels the world has yet to see the best Elliott athlete. Her Twitter biography reads, “Ezekiel Elliott and Lailah Elliott’s sister people think Zeke is a good athlete well I’m better.”

Ezekiel Elliott’s family

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The average NFL running back has a 2.57-year career, but Ezekiel shows no signs of slowing. In 2019, he displayed his confidence in contract negotiations with Dallas. Ezekiel negotiated a six-year $90 million extension with a $50 million guarantee. Compounded with his net worth of $12 million, Ezekiel should live financially comfortably for life. 

Of course, he does not forget his family. Ezekiel’s parents made huge sacrifices, according to 10TV. His father said, “Dawn and I sacrificed to provide a high-quality education for Ezekiel and his sisters. We’re a middle-class family trying to provide an upper-class education and lifestyle for our children…”

Ezekiel did not forget his parents’ sacrifice. With his first NFL paycheck, he bought a new house for his parents in the St. Louis area he grew up in. He continues to stay close to his parents and sisters, often supporting their achievements on social media. The young back has been successful, but that is no surprise considering his family’s athletic pedigree.