Cowboys Star Rookie Micah Parsons Slams Fox Sports’ Emmanuel Acho in Fiery Twitter Thread: ‘Don’t Post Stuff on Social Media That’s Not True’

Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons is quickly realizing that life in the NFL isn’t just making your reads and earning a paycheck each week. If you’re a professional athlete, you’re officially on Emmanuel Acho’s radar.

Acho, the outspoken and Fox Sports 1 analyst, has a recent history of controversial Twitter posts and on-air remarks. Parsons, who is quickly building a case to win NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, certainly took notice when the former Texas Longhorns shared his thoughts regarding the Cowboys’ first-year linebacker.

Micah Parsons waged a war of words (er, tweets) with Fox Sports’ Emmanuel Acho

Through his first four games, Parsons looked like he belonged right at home in the NFL. As impressed as he’s been with the Penn State product thus far, Acho wants the Cowboys to take things slow. 

During the Oct. 6 episode of FS1’s Speak for Yourself, the Texas product criticized the Cowboys’ decision to cut linebacker Jaylon Smith because it will put more pressure and “stress” on Parsons. While analyzing the footage from the Cowboys’ Week 4 victory over the Carolina Panthers, Acho argued both linebackers were repeatedly out of position during a second-quarter drive which ended in Carolina quarterback Sam Darnold rushing for a touchdown.

Parsons, the 12th overall pick in April’s NFL draft, didn’t take kindly to Acho’s comments.

“I don’t think you have any idea what [you’re] talking about, and once again, this is a horrible take!” Parsons replied. 

Acho responded and not only said he respects Parsons and his agent but took a curious stance regarding his on-air analysis.

“The big eye in the sky don’t lie. My job is to make television; your job is to make tackles. Based on our profile pics, [it] looks like we [are] both winning. Keeping doing you, I’ll do me.”

Emmanuel Acho

That wasn’t enough for Parsons, who shot back that he goes “in the drawing board together to prove how wrong you are.”

“All I’m saying [is] don’t post stuff on social media that’s not true!!” the rookie replied. “Until you actually know the coverage and job obligation of each player on the field! Cause actually me and Jaylon was right!! Soo?!”

Parsons will have plenty of opportunities to let his play do the talking

Acho said his job is to make television, which in 2021 means he is responsible for controversial hot takes and ensuring there is a viral response on social media.

Conversely, Parsons’ role is to play inside linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. The Penn State product totaled 17 tackles — including three for a loss — and 2.5 sacks through his first four games on a much-improved Dallas defense. He’s looked comfortable and confident in defensive coordinator Dan Quinn’s 4-3 scheme.

Parsons isn’t going to make everyone happy, and those on TV will always find a reason to criticize him and his teammates. With winnable games against the New York Giants and New England Patriots over the next two weeks, the Cowboys could very well enter the bye week at 5-1 and still hear doubts about their chances of winning the NFC East.

Isn’t life in the NFL fun? Parsons will find himself enjoying things more if his strong play helps the Cowboys win a sixth Super Bowl title.

Acho, meanwhile, remains in the news for all of the wrong reasons

Parsons can at least rest easy knowing he’s not the only notable victim of Acho’s questionable commentary in recent memory. That includes Smith, who signed with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers following his release.

During the 2021 NBA Finals, Acho said he doesn’t believe Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo can be the face of the NBA because he considers the Greek Freak to be an unrelatable figure. What drove Acho to that conclusion, you ask? The Texas product cited Antetokounmpo’s background as a Greek man of Nigerian origin and him having a difficult name to pronounce.

Acho went viral for the wrong reasons in early July following his controversial tweet regarding U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson’s disqualification and suspension following a positive test for marijuana.

“Legalizing weed in track and field competition is all good if you’re running in a straight line,” Acho wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “Legalizing weed in track and field competition is terribly dangerous if you throw the javelin.”

Well, Acho said it best in his interactions with Parsons: his job is to make television. His train of thought and tendency for inane analysis clearly lends itself well to that mission.

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