Cris Collinsworth Has a Wild Idea About Tom Brady’s Future

Following the New England Patriots‘ early-playoff exit, the focus around the franchise is centered on star quarterback Tom Brady‘s future. It has become a murky situation in determining where he will play in 2020, but the only clear thing is that he will give it a go next year. Any idea of where that will be at this point is a guess, which former NFL wideout and current NBC color commentator Cris Collinsworth has voiced where he believes that it will be, and that’s not in New England.

Tom Brady’s uncertain future in New England

For the first time in his career, Brady‘s time with the franchise is up in the air. There is as much uncertainty around his future with the organization as there has ever been.

It has hovered over the team in the last several weeks but was primarily put on the backburners due to their focus being on the next task ahead. The Patriots have seen their campaign come to a close for the first time before the AFC title game in nine years, which has shifted everything to the forefront regarding Brady.

The 42-year-old made the dialogue around him that much more prevalent after he stated following Saturday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans that he didn’t know what was ahead of him this upcoming offseason. On top of that, head coach Bill Belichick voiced that he didn’t want to discuss the matter while lumping in Brady’s pending free agency with the other players in similar situations on the team.

With that in mind, Collinsworth has weighed in on the subject with an intriguing landing spot for the future Hall of Famer.

Where Cris Collinsworth believes Tom Brady will wind up

The cloudiness over Brady’s future in New England has put forth some potential landing spots for the franchise.

Following Sunday’s wildcard game between the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles, Collinsworth voiced that he believes that the six-time Super Bowl champion could wind up playing much closer to home next season. (H/T Jordan James of 247 Sports)

If I had to guess, how about a wild guess? How about the Chargers. … I’m just saying, if there was one franchise that could use him the most, if Rivers goes, never know.”

Collinsworth’s reasoning behind choosing the Chargers was from his inkling that the franchise wants to sell more tickets in their first season at the new Sofi Stadium in 2020. Los Angeles could be a viable option, especially if they do move off Philip Rivers in the coming weeks.

The Chargers possess a talented roster that has the pieces in place to compete but stumbled in 2019 due to struggles in the passing game. If Brady were to air intentions of wanting to play for the team, better believe the organization will do what they can to make it happen.

Will Tom Brady leave the Patriots?

The Chargers are not a “wild guess” for a landing spot for Brady, as Collinsworth would suggest. If he were to leave the Patriots, the new team would have to be ready to compete for the playoffs and more.

At the same time, until there is an actual end to his tenure with the Patriots, it hard to honestly say that this pairing is done. Brady may be not be performing at the level he once was, but he’s still a highly capable quarterback that can lead New England to much more success given their structure and stability along the roster.

What should be noted is that Brady has control of the next chapter of his career, with the Patriots having the inability to franchise tag him if he were to hit the free-agent market. Whatever he decides to do, it will be on his terms moving forward.