Cristiano Ronaldo Can Make Almost $500K for an Instagram Post

With his soccer earnings alone, Cristiano Ronaldo could live a better life than most of us could ever dream of. However, thanks to an eclectic variety of savvy financial moves, the Portuguese soccer sensation’s value skyrocketed even higher. Ronaldo knows how to capitalize on his image. Look no further than the money the soccer star makes from his Instagram posts.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s career 

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After turning heads in the youth circuits, Ronaldo seemed destined for greatness. According to SportyTell, he dominated in the under-16, under-17, under-18, and B-Team circuits before finding a home at Manchester United. At the time of his signing, Ronaldo was still a teen. However, his legend was already growing to an international audience. He wasted no time proving that he was worth the hype.

With Manchester, Ronaldo became the first player in the team’s history to score 20 goals in a season and led the team to a league title. He won countless awards for his play, and an international superstar was born. In six years with Manchester United, Ronaldo took home nine trophies on top of numerous other accolades. 

Ronaldo makes some changes

Ronaldo transferred over to Real Madrid at the start of the 2009 season with a massive 94 million euro deal. As a testament to his fame, Madrid introduced Ronaldo to an 80,000-person crowd upon arrival in Spain.

Again, Ronaldo bypassed expectations and became the recipient of the prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or during his first season. Ronaldo’s stylish goals and penchant for showing up made him a favorite. His time in Madrid came to an end in 2018, however. 

In recent years, Ronaldo became one of the faces of Juventus. There, he shows no signs of slowing down. Between his professional career across Europe and his tenure with the Portuguese National team, it is hard to find a more famous footballer on the planet. While Messi might be the best on the planet, Ronaldo has the case for most internationally recognizable. 

Ronaldo’s capital

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Ronaldo knows how to put himself out there and earn a buck off of his likeness. His $64 million a year deal with Juventus was a pay cut, reports Forbes, but when you see how much he makes on other endeavors, it is easy to see why he would do such a thing. His jersey sales alone were worth over $60 million alone after his latest move. 

On top of earning so much on the field. Ronaldo earned over $40 million off of it in 2019. In 2016, he joined Michael Jordan and LeBron James by signing a lifetime deal with Nike reportedly worth over a billion dollars. From cars to tourism, steel companies to medicine, Ronaldo has been the face of products across the game. 

A generous soul, Ronaldo knows how to put his money to good use. He has supported several relief funds throughout the years, and after nearly losing his mother to breast cancer in 2007, he became passionate about putting his money toward a cure. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram posts

Ronaldo has 323.4 million followers across social media. 128 million of these are on Instagram alone. This makes him an ideal candidate for sponsored content. According to Izea, Ronaldo makes up to $400,000 on a single Instagram post. His posts reportedly earn companies up to $1.8 million in interactions. 

Ronaldo is the type of global athlete that American athletes can rarely be. While soccer may not reign supreme in the United States, it is a religious event for most of the world. As Ronaldo enters the twilight of his career, he has a level of fame and capital that even most of the superstars in the NBA and NFL can’t touch. On top of that, he can use this status to fill his pockets in ways that even the wealthiest American ones can’t reach.