Cristiano Ronaldo Talks Retirement and How Long He Expects to Play

Could Cristiano Ronaldo retire soon? The 34-year-old Juventus star recently discussed this, although he also left the door open for a very long career, as well.

Although he is entering his mid-thirties, Ronaldo still looks like a superstar when he plays, but soccer is a physical game that could wear on even the best-kept athletes in the world. If he is entering the home stretch, however, he’d leave the game as one of the best. 

What Ronaldo said about retirement

According to Dejan Kalinic of Goal, Ronaldo was very candid when talking about his career. “I don’t think about that [retiring],” Ronaldo said. “Maybe I can leave my career next year… but I can also play up to 40 or 41. I don’t know. What I always say is to enjoy the moment. The gift is excellent, and I have to continue to enjoy it.”

Although plenty of players have played past Ronaldo’s age at an effective level, he has been in the spotlight and accumulated nearly every accolade that a soccer superstar can accomplish over his career. 

Ronaldo’s career and accomplishments

Ronaldo has made his mark on Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus to varying degrees. He signed his first multi-million dollar contract when he was only 16, and he didn’t disappoint. His footwork and overall skill wowed everyone. By the time he was entering his twenties, he was already a star. From league play to international play, Ronaldo has rarely disappointed, earning $131M to date. 

Often compared to fellow international superstar Lionel Messi, he has taken the most popular sport in the world by storm from an early age and has shown the world that he was worth all of the on-field hype that he has received along the way. 

Never one to mince words when talking about his career, Ronaldo went on to talk about all his accolades. He is, after all, a five-time Ballon D’Or winner and a five-time Champions League winner with six titles across three different countries. He is one of the greatest goalscorers in the history of the UEFA European Championship and Nations League. 

Other reasons for Ronaldo to retire?

It may be no coincidence that Ronaldo is talking about retirement amidst some ugly allegations that were thrown his way last year. In 2018, Kathryn Mayorga accused the soccer superstar of raping her at the Palms casino in Las Vegas.

It came out that Mayorga agreed to a settlement before the case could go to court that was worth $375,000 to Ronaldo. With several high-profile cases such as this, Ronaldo could see this becoming a part of his legacy. 

The athlete has repeatedly denied the allegations both himself and threw his lawyer, and the two have accused Mayorga of trying to bleed more money out of the situation. Mayorga claims that she has had to go into hiding after receiving threats from Ronaldo’s fan on social media. Although recent headlines have been silent on the issue. 

Perhaps this will go away, but these allegations cannot be ignored when speaking on Ronaldo’s recent history. 

What will happen now? 

Whatever the reason for Ronaldo’s retirement, it would be a major story across international soccer. Even with his recent controversy surrounding the allegations, he remains one of the most popular athletes across the world. Perhaps all of the aforementioned reasons are the reason Ronaldo wants to retire, or perhaps he is fed up with leading the superstar lifestyle on and off the field. 

Whatever the case, Ronaldo retiring would mark a new era in the world of professional soccer, and whether it happens now or in a decade, his impact on the sport cannot be denied.