Dak Prescott Angered About Contract Situation and It’s Not What You Think

The chatter around the Dallas Cowboys for more than the last year has remained on Dak Prescott’s long-term future. Prescott is still without a long-term deal, which has guided the discussion toward the franchise’s willingness to ink him to the extension he desires. With all that in mind, Prescott has aired what has ticked him off the most about the entire situation.

Dak Prescott’s contract situation lingers

Although the Cowboys and Dak Prescott have moved forward with the franchise tag for the 2020 season, it’s a situation that can’t be ignored.

Prescott’s future with the team has been at the forefront since the offseason before the 2019 campaign. The two sides haven’t agreed on a new deal despite a strong interest in working out an extension.

The 26-year-old has said all the things that the Cowboys want to hear, yet there remains no new contract locked in for the Pro Bowler. It has become a matter that has ticked off Prescott in many different ways away from the actual contract negotiations.

What annoys Dak Prescott about his contract talks

Over the last several months, Dak Prescott hasn’t shied away from the questions concerning his next contract with the Cowboys.

However, it’s a process that has become wearing on him away from the talks with the front office. During a recent interview on In Depth With Graham Bensinger, Prescott voiced that he is annoyed by those outside the situation, stating their opinion as if it mattered.

“It’s people that don’t me. It’s simple as that. Somebody that doesn’t know me thinking that their opinion matters to not only me but the people that are making the decisions. When players, not just me, have done what they have done or represent what they represent it’s hard for me to accept the people that have never been there, tried, or went for success in any aspect of life football or away from football to accept that and respect that.” 

Prescott clearly hears all the outside noise, but has filtered out what he doesn’t believe should factor into his situation. Many pundits continue to air their opinions on the matter, but these are things that the star quarterback has chosen to ignore.

Ultimately, it’s a matter that he firmly believes will get worked out when it’s supposed to in the coming months after the 2020 season.

Focus remains on the 2020 season


Dak Prescott Just Said What Cowboys Fans Have Been Begging to Hear

The contract situation aside, Dak Prescott’s sole focus at this juncture remains on the 2020 season.

Prescott can’t work out his extension until next offseason, which allows him to maintain his attention on what lies ahead. The Cowboys are coming off a tough Week 1 loss to the LA Rams but can bounce back in their home opener in Week 2 against the Atlanta Falcons.

There have been plenty of high expectations placed on Dallas to become potentially a Super Bowl contender. The front office has added more talent around Prescott with the belief he could vie for the MVP award and much more. The Cowboys’ fate in the 2020 season lies primarily on his shoulders to guide the franchise forward.

It’s an opportunity for Prescott to prove that he not only deserves the lucrative he desires, but that he’s among the top quarterbacks in the league. There is plenty on the table for him to shape his long-term future with the Cowboys with his focus directed on bringing the Vince Lombardi trophy back to Dallas.