Dak Prescott Just Did Something to Stay Ahead of the Game

Much of the focus this offseason has been on Dak Prescott’s long-term future with the Dallas Cowboys. The lack of an extension worked out shifts the attention over to the 2020 season, where there are high expectations. Prescott is well aware of the pressure on his shoulders to perform at a high level while guiding the franchise to success. With that in mind, he has done something to help him ensure he reaches those aspirations.

Dak Prescott will play 2020 season under franchise tag

Throughout the offseason, the focus had primarily been on Dak Prescott’s contract situation with the Cowboys.

The expectation was that he would agree to a new deal with the organization before the franchise tag deadline on July 15. However, that didn’t come to fruition last month as he will play the 2020 season under a one-year deal. Prescott has voiced his confidence in the team and that he will be all-in for the campaign despite not having a long-term contract.

There is some strong mutual interest from both sides in the situation, but things couldn’t move toward a new contract being put in place. That dialogue will have to wait until next offseason when things can officially pick up again for negotiations. All that has shifted toward the focus on putting forth a successful 2020 season behind Super Bowl aspirations.

Dak Prescott has a football field built at home

All that puts some significant emphasis on the 2020 season for many different reasons for Dak Prescott.

It’s a massive year for him to make a strong statement about what he can provide to the franchise to earn that financial commitment he wants. With that in mind, Teammate Amari Cooper dropped an interesting nugget of information on Tuesday, stating that Prescott just had a football field built at his home, according to Jane Slater of The NFL Network.

It may not be surprising to hear an NFL player building a football field at their home, but it’s not all that common. That provides him the opportunity to train at home while also do other football-related activities with his teammates, such as Cooper. There is much to gain with his craft to help push his team forward with workouts and building chemistry.

The decision to put a football field in his home speaks to Prescott’s commitment to getting the most out of himself. There is much reason for him to go that route as he has plenty on the table for the 2020 season. It’s just another shining example of him trying to continue to push himself to get better. Ultimately, the proof will have to be in the pudding this upcoming campaign.

Expectations for 2020 season


How Much Will Dak Prescott Cost Jerry Jones If He Makes a Deep Playoff Run?

In the weeks ahead of the 2020 season, the Cowboys have plenty of high expectations to put together a special season.

There is an opportunity to take control of the NFC East like they were unable to last year. The Cowboys have added more firepower to their offense with the addition of promising rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb that should add another explosive element. All that puts Prescott in a situation where he could put forth another highly productive campaign and lead the team to tremendous success.

The pressure is undoubtedly on the 26-year-old’s shoulders to perform well, but the ultimate deciding factor will be if the Cowboys can make a deep playoff run. That is what the franchise desires to see Prescott guide the team to if he wants to earn the lucrative deal he’s hoping to land. The table is set for him to prove he’s worth what he wants from Dallas.