Dak Prescott Loves To Laugh at His Doubters

Dak Prescott has heard it all in his journey toward NFL stardom with the Dallas Cowboys. Prescott has been doubted on many occasions, which has ramped up through his shortcomings with the Cowboys. Despite all that, the Pro Bowler has relished the opportunity to laugh at his doubters.

Dak Prescott’s strong start to his NFL career

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Dak Prescott‘s journey in the NFL has seen him reach stardom in his brief career.

Prescott worked his way from being the fourth-round pick backup for Tony Romo to becoming one of the central pieces to the Cowboys’ offense. The 26-year-old has entirely blown past the mid-round draft pick’s expectations and become a guiding force toward Dallas’ success.

He has compiled at least an 8-8 mark in each of his first four campaigns, including a pair of NFC East division title behind double-digit win seasons. Each of those playoff appearances saw the team reach the divisional round. The Cowboys have had their shortcomings in the postseason, but Prescott has brought stability to the franchise. All that only further fuels motivation to prove his doubters wrong.

Why Dak Prescott enjoys laughing at his doubters

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Throughout Dak Prescott’s journey toward the NFL, he had his doubters along the way.

Those who didn’t believe he could play the quarterback position at each level of his path only further fueled him. During a recent interview on In Depth With Graham Bensinger, he voiced that he laughs at his doubters because they don’t know him or his dedication to his craft while he draws inspiration by the opportunity to prove himself.

“Laughing. They don’t know me or my brothers. They don’t know all the games that I played on the field on Pine Creek Trailer Park. They don’t know who I am deep down. I just know everyday that I wake up, even back then, that I have the opportunity to prove myself and really prove to myself that I can do whatever I want.”

Throughout his journey, Prescott has been overlooked that saw him send around 25 highlights tapes to colleges with Mississippi State being the only school that committed to him. It’s situations like that have pushed him forward toward bringing the most out of himself on the field.

The 26-year-old went from a fourth-round pick to putting himself into the position to become the franchise cornerstone for the Cowboys. The journey continues to push him while there remain many that doubt his ability.

Focused on competing for Super Bowls

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In his first four-plus seasons in the league, Dak Prescott still faces constant criticisms regarding his shortcomings.

Much of which comes with the territory of being the Cowboys’ starting quarterback, but it continues to remain around him. Prescott has made the most of his opportunity in Dallas that should see him securely become the franchise cornerstone under center for years to come.

His legacy with the Cowboys will ultimately be defined by his ability to guide the organization to Super Bowl wins. The bar for expectations are high, and for Prescott to garner the place he wants in franchise lore, bringing back the Vince Lombardi trophy is the lone task.

It hasn’t been the start to the season that the Cowboys hoped, but they have an opportunity to play for more than just an NFC East division title. Prescott will factor significantly into how things unfold for Dallas in the 2020 season.