Dak Prescott Makes It Crystal Clear He Still Wants a Long-Term Deal

Since the Dallas Cowboys elected to place the franchise tag on Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott, it has further lingered the question about his long-term future with the franchise. There has remained strong interest on both sides to a new deal worked out this offseason, but things haven’t moved in the direction toward being finalized. With that in mind, Prescott has taken one action that has made his intentions clear that he wants a multi-year deal to remain in Dallas.

Dak Prescott’s contract situation with Cowboys

There have remained discussions around the Cowboys concerning Prescott‘s long-term future dating back to last offseason.

The initial hope was to get a new extension in place before the start of the 2019 season, but those talks bled into the first month of games. It saw things not pick up between both sides on that front from that point onto February around the Scouting Combine.

There was some additional dialogue just days before the franchise tag deadline, where it was reported that the Cowboys had offered a multi-year deal that had $105 million guaranteed and paid him $33 million annually. However, there was no movement on Prescott’s front to take the deal, and it was the only one offered before the team designated the franchise tag on him before the deadline.

That has pushed things into an interesting spot with recent reports suggesting that two sides have once again restarted their talks regarding a new deal. With that in mind, Prescott has taken one step to prove that he wants a new long-term contract with Dallas.

Dak Prescott still hasn’t signed his franchise tag

Last month, the Cowboys decided to place the franchise tag on Prescott to at least secure his services through the 2019 season.

However, there is an intriguing development on that front as the 26-year-old has yet to sign the franchise tender. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Prescott has gone that route to further indicate his desire to work out a long-term deal with the Cowboys. (H/T Garrett Stepien of 247 Sports)

“So now we’re into gray areas with Dak Prescott, who hasn’t signed his franchise tender, who’s trying to get that long-term deal done.

“The bottom line on the long-term deal (getting) done — the two sides have differing values. But I think the bigger issue might just be the years. The Dallas Cowboys want Dak Prescott on a five-year-or-longer deal. Dak Prescott wants four years. And there’s a difference on the years that has prevented this deal from getting done so far. I think that, to me, sounds like it’s the biggest obstacle — not the money, not the signing bonus, not the guarantees. It’s the years.

The decision to head that route is intriguing as it currently doesn’t allow Prescott to do anything team-related until he signs the franchise tag. Given the current state of how things are going in the country with concerns over the coronavirus, that won’t impact him in any manner as no practice facility is open.

Beyond that, it’s become more evident that Prescott is all-in with stay with the Cowboys for the long haul.

When to expect a new deal for Dak Prescott

The two sides may have resumed contract talks, but it’s hard to pick out a timeframe for the new deal to be worked out.

There is still much time ahead of the July 15 deadline if Prescott winds up inking the franchise tag. In all likelihood, there should be an increased dialogue on the front after the draft later this month.

The Cowboy will like to avoid this being another lingering conversation throughout the season like it was last year. The two sides are still some ways apart in their talks, but there should be more clarity on this front in the weeks to come after the upcoming draft.