Dak Prescott Receives Contract Negotiation Advice From an Unlikely Source

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys are heading into another offseason with contract discussions looming ahead. There remains strong mutual interest on both sides to get a long-term deal worked out. Before things ramp up, Prescott has received some contract talk advice from an unlikely source.

Dak Prescott remains without a new deal in Dallas

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The last couple of offseasons for Dak Prescott have been less than fruitful when it comes to contract extension talks.

After the team placed the franchise tag on Prescott last March, there sprouted optimism that a new deal would get done. However, the two sides never got close to working out an extension and find themselves in quite a similar situation this year.

Prescott missed the bulk of the 2020 season, but it only further underlined his importance to the Cowboys’ success. As he heads toward a pivotal offseason, the two-time Pro Bowler received some interesting contract advice from an unlikely source.

Dak Prescott receives contract negotiation advice from an unlikely source

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Dak Prescott is heading into another offseason where his contractual standing with the Cowboys holds much uncertainty.

Early reports suggest that Prescott will likely have the franchise tag placed on him worth a reported $37.7 million, marking the second straight year he would receive that designation. With that in mind, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, who received the franchise tag twice, recently spoke to Pro Football Talk and aired advice to the 27-year-old.

“Well, the only piece I’ve said to him in crossing his path by going back maybe a couple of offseasons was just to make the point that the franchise tag can be your friend; it can be a help to you if that’s the route you choose to go,” Cousins said. “So, he played on the franchise tag this past year. I think he’s in a great spot now.

“Everybody knows he can play, and he’s an elite quarterback. Really, the ball is more in the court of the Cowboys and what they want to do going forward. But I think it’s a no-brainer that Dak’s the real deal and is going to have a great career moving forward. He’s in a really good spot.”

Cousins is speaking from experience as the Washington Football Team put him under the franchise tag in back-to-back years. Following that experience, he cashed in with the league’s first fully guaranteed deal on a three-year, $84 million contract with the Vikings.

That said, the Cowboys are well aware of Prescott’s talent and impact on the team’s offensive performance. The pressure is on the franchise to get the job done with a lengthy contract or another organization will.

What will the Cowboys do?

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Since last offseason, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have known the parameters of the contract talks that lie ahead with Dak Prescott.

Although Prescott missed most of the 2020 season due to a broken leg, his impact on the team was felt in his absence. He has become a significant part of their offensive game plan as their franchise quarterback.

He continues to hold a strong desire to extend his career with Dallas despite the lack of progress toward a long-term deal. Aside from getting healthy, there is nothing else Prescott has to prove to make his case to secure the contract that he’s long-sought from the organization.

As Cousins previously stated, the ball is in Jones and the Cowboys’ court to get the situation worked out.