Dak Prescott Refuses to Believe Patrick Mahomes’ Contract Will Impact Him

The Dallas Cowboys have continued to have Dak Prescott’s contract situation linger over the franchise. It’s something that the Pro Bowl quarterback has addressed numerously over the last several weeks. With that in mind, Prescott has quickly pointed out a distinction with how Patrick Mahomes’ record-breaking deal will impact his extension talks.

Patrick Mahomes’ record-breaking deal

Following guiding the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in five decades, the expectation around Patrick Mahomes was that he was going to get historically paid.

There wasn’t any exact timeline placed, but Mahomes accomplished more than enough to warrant a record-breaking extension. He has become the youngest player to win both the MVP award and Super Bowl MVP honors before age 25. It includes two AFC title game appearances and a Super Bowl win in his first two seasons as an NFL starting quarterback.

All that led to Mahomes earning a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million. It’s a deal that many players around the league have voiced that he’s earned and worth every penny. With that in mind, Dak Prescott has quickly made a distinction with the historic contract as it relates to his situation with the Cowboys.

Dak Prescott doesn’t believe Patrick Mahomes contract will impact his next deal

Since Patrick Mahomes inked his massive extension with the Chiefs, the attention has shifted over to Dak Prescott’s situation.

It has sprouted the discussion that Mahomes’ deal has lifted the price tag for what Prescott will command next offseason. However, the star quarterback voiced during an interview on In Depth With Graham Bensinger that he doesn’t believe that the reigning Super Bowl MVP’s contract will impact his matter with the Cowboys.

“I don’t that does at all. You’re talking about somebody that in his first two years of playing wins the MVP, gets to the AFC championship, and the next year wins the Super Bowl and wins Super Bowl MVP. He’s done this. I haven’t won the MVP, Super Bowl MVP, a Super Bowl, or have been as far as he is. All the respect to him. So happy he’s got that because he deserves that and every penny of it because he’s the standard. He’s the standard that anybody plays this game wants to be.”

Prescott has a clear distinction that he hasn’t accomplished anywhere near what Mahomes has done. It’s not to say that he doesn’t believe he can’t reach that level, but it’s pointing out that the Chiefs star quarterback has set the bar that all other players at the position are aiming to achieve.

It also speaks that Prescott won’t be using Mahomes’ deal as a guideline to negotiate his next contract with Dallas. He knows the proof will need to be in the pudding with his play in 2020 to help him get what he wants.

It will get done…eventually


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The Cowboys were unable to secure a long-term deal with Dak Prescott this past offseason, but that doesn’t mean it will be the case again in 2021.

The two sides hold strong mutual interest in working out a lucrative extension. The 2020 season provides Prescott with another opportunity to showcase his worth and impact on the franchise. The Cowboys have remained a highly competitive team with the Pro Bowl leading the offense; it’s just a matter of the franchise taking the next step.

The pieces are in place for Prescott to do that with a team that has garnered many Super Bowl 55 expectations. The Cowboys still hold the upper hand in the contract discussions with the option to use the franchise tag next offseason. That may be the case, but it’s hard to envision that an extension won’t be squared away.