Dak Prescott Should Count His Blessings With Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

The contract saga between Dak Prescott and the Cowboys is temporarily settled after the quarterback signed the franchise tag tender with Dallas. Prescott, who reportedly wanted record-breaking money before Patrick Mahomes’ insane deal, has been vocal about his desire to be treated like a superstar. Still, the Cowboys are the best place for him. Here’s why.

Endorsement money

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Dak Prescott is not Patrick Mahomes — at least not yet. His desires for a large contract don’t bear the same weight as the former MVP, and reigning Super Bowl MVPs do. However, while Prescott might not have those types of accolades, he can make very good money regardless. The NFL is the place to be for exciting young quarterbacks, reports Fox Business, and Prescott still fits that mold. 

Dallas might not be the media center of the world, but it’s a bigger market than Baltimore or Kansas City. Thus, he can make more money than other young stars by playing in one of the biggest markets outside of LA, Chicago, New York, or Atlanta. This might not appear in salary, but if Prescott has to take a cut in the pay he desires, he can make up for it elsewhere. 

The Cowboys’ Super Bowl-winning coach

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Prescott spent his early years under the guidance of Jason Garrett. While Garrett deserves some credit for what he did to Prescott and company, he has a reputation as a yes-man who was doing what Jerry Jones and company wanted him to do. Under new head coach Mike McCarthy, however, Prescott has a different type of coach

McCarthy may have butted heads with Aaron Rodgers, but there’s a reason that he stuck around regardless. McCarthy is a Super Bowl-winner who got the best out of the same quarterback that he was battling. Time will tell whether Prescott can get along with McCarthy, but if he’s smart, he will listen to the surefire Hall of Famer, and the two can strike up a good professional bond. 

Protection on the field

Not to take anything away from Prescott. But much of his success can be attributed to an offensive line that helps him on a week-to-week basis as The Dallas Morning News details.

Even the best quarterbacks need help. Despite the Cowboys’ imperfections, their line helped Prescott become the quarterback he is today. If he followed the money elsewhere, he could potentially find himself behind a line that doesn’t protect him as much as he likes, and the results of that could be catastrophic. 

Commitment to winning

The Cowboys are a double-edged sword. Behind Jerry Jones’ multiple eccentricities, he is a man who wants to win. On the one hand, he has failed to do so since his early years with the team. On the other hand, details Sports Illustrated, Jones is getting older, and McCarthy claims that the owner will let him do what needs to be done to win. 

Question everything you want about Jones’ style, but he wants to win it all and stop at nothing to do so, This, perhaps, this can be what makes or breaks Prescott’s reign there. 

He’s a Cowboy

Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks will always go down in history regardless of the team they played for. If Prescott could somehow win a single championship as a member of the Cowboys, his name would go down louder than other one-and-done quarterbacks. 

Raise the stakes further. If Prescott could win multiple Super Bowls there, he’d likely be a household name for future generations. The QB and the Cowboys now have at least another year to try to reach a mutual agreement.

While there are reasons for him to look elsewhere, there are also plenty of reasons for him to stay. What it ultimately will come down to, however, is money, winning, and an ability to capitalize on his talents. With that in mind, there may not be a better place than Dallas.