Dak Prescott Still Has 1 Big Thing Left to Prove to Jerry Jones and Cowboys Fans

The Cowboys have an uncanny ability to turn young quarterbacks into some of the best players in the NFL. Dak Prescott is the latest to make his way through the Dallas program. He consistently proves that he has what it takes to win. Right now, there’s just one thing he still needs to prove to Jerry Jones and all of the Cowboys fans.

What Dak Prescott has to prove to Cowboys fans

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Cowboys fans love Prescott. He is already a star quarterback. He provides a cornerstone to the team that has been missing in recent years. He’s reliable, reads the game well, and has an easy rapport with fans.

Considering how much Dallas loves their Cowboys, a reliable quarterback gives the city a much-needed morale boost during these trying times. There’s just one thing that Prescott has to prove, both to Jerry Jones and to all the Cowboys fans who are eagerly awaiting the start of the next season. Prescott must prove he has long-term plans to stay on the team.

Prescott’s contract a cause for concern

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As the Cowboy’s prep for the upcoming season, they know who they want as their starting quarterback. Dak Prescott is the team’s best choice. The problem the team faces is the contract. While both sides claim to be working on getting something nailed down, fans can’t help but notice that most of the information they’ve heard with regards to a long term contract is little more than hearsay, speculation, and rumor. 

The lack of a contract has to weigh heavily on the mind on everyone connected to the Cowboys. Not having a concrete contract in place means the entire plan for the season could fall apart if something convinces Prescott to suddenly go to another team. The only good thing is that Prescott seems happy in Dallas and appears to want to continue playing for the Cowboys, which actually makes the fact that the contract still isn’t signed even more baffling.

The other question is that with Prescott sitting out the preseason while the two sides continue to hammer out the details of a deal, how fit will he be when it’s time for him to get into the game and start playing?

Prescott was offered a contract that would have put $33-35 million each season in Prescott’s pocket. So far, it appears that this contract remains unsigned.

Why a long-term contract is so important

The Cowboys and Prescott missed an important date. The very last day to negotiate contracts this season has passed. Further, official negotiation will have to wait until after the 2020 ends. This isn’t good news for the Cowboys.

Prescott will be a free agent. He’ll be courted by several teams who might offer him more than the Cowboys are willing to part with. Jerry Jones and his crew can’t be happy. Long-term contracts are pricey, especially when it comes to an outstanding player like Prescott.

But having a star quarterback locked in for several years allows the coaching staff to build a team around him. They would specifically look for players that help level out his weaknesses while enhancing his strengths.

Not knowing if Prescott will be around for the 2021 season makes it difficult for the Cowboys to decide which players they should trade during the season. It will be interesting to see if Prescott and Jerry Jones will strike a deal following the 2020 season.