Dak Prescott May Have a Target Deadline for His Next Contract With the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys can’t escape the conversations concerning Dak Prescott’s future. Prescott is heading into the second straight offseason, eyeing a long-term deal to remain in Dallas. As things begin to pick around the league, the Cowboys and their star quarterback are already off to a promising start.

Dak Prescott holds uncertain future in Dallas

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The NFL offseason wouldn’t be what it is if it didn’t include drama around the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have garnered significant attention with their ongoing situation involving Dak Prescott. There is clearly strong interest on both sides to get a new contract done, but that was also the sentiment last March.

The situation failed to move past continued discussions that didn’t progress far. Throughout the process, there were conflicting reports with Prescott eyeing $40 million annually in his next deal.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys maintained hesitance in committing to around $110 million guaranteed in the contract. There were also reports of disagreement on the deal’s length, with Dallas wanting five years and Prescott eyeing four years. All that amounted to the 27-year-old remaining in the same position of needing a new contract.

As the offseason begins to shift into gear, the Cowboys and Prescott have already gotten off to an encouraging start.

Dak Prescott may have a target deadline for his next contract with the Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys enter the offseason with pressing questions around Dak Prescott’s future.

With the franchise tag officially becoming available on Tuesday, the clock has begun ticking on Prescott’s contract situation in Dallas. According to Todd Archer of ESPN, the Cowboys have engaged in talks on a new deal with their star quarterback.

“Between Tuesday and March 9, the Cowboys hope to work out a long-term deal with Prescott,” Archer reported. “There have been discussions – if not actual negotiations – with Prescott’s rep.”

The expectation remains that the Cowboys will place the franchise tag worth around $37.7 million on Prescott before the March 9 deadline. Much can undoubtedly change before that date, which is just over two weeks away.

The ongoing discussion shows that the Cowboys are active in working toward a deal to prevent the contract situation from lingering into the offseason. If they can avoid that route before the deadline, they could use that franchise tag on another player heading toward free agency.

Nonetheless, What it speaks to is that things are moving in the right direction between both sides early in the offseason.

Time will tell in Dallas

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Since last offseason, the Dallas Cowboys have heard it all over the last several months since failing to work out a long-term deal with Dak Prescott.

The two sides have expressed significant interest to hammering out lengthy contract. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones have voiced a desire to have Prescott with the franchise for the long haul. Their sentiment has only grown stronger after his season-ending ankle injury.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old remains all in on being the long-term solution under center in Dallas. The pressure is on the Cowboys to commit to the largest contract in franchise history, which is something they paused at last summer.

Prescott may be recovering from a severe ankle injury, but it has only further underlined his value to the team. Ultimately, the ball is in the Cowboys’ court to get the job done and finally secure their star quarterback to the deal he desires.