Dak Prescott Will Only Get Signed by the Cowboys ‘at the Right Number’

The Dallas Cowboys have continued to be clouded by the contract situation around their Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott. There hasn’t been any significant momentum made toward a new lucrative deal to keep with the Cowboys for the haul. However, there have been some recently increased dialogue around the matter that could bode well to it getting worked out at some point this offseason. At the same time, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones has made some interesting comments about what kind of deal the franchise wants to work out with Prescott.

Dak Prescott’s contract situation

Over the last several months, the Cowboys have been unable to get over the hurdle of Prescott’s contract situation.

The initial hope last offseason was to get a new extension worked out, but that lingered into the start of the 2019 campaign. There was a significant break as there was no discussion from September on through to the scouting combine in February.

The lack of dialogue led the situation to head toward the Cowboys placing the franchise tag on Prescott last month. Dallas had reportedly offered their star quarterback a deal that would have paid him $33 million annually with $105 million guaranteed, but that contract was balked at by the 26-year-old.

Things have become more difficult as Prescott has yet to sign the franchise tender and isn’t participating in the voluntary virtual team workouts. That has made it even more apparent that he has his eyes on hammering out a long-term deal to remain in Dallas, but there has yet to be any significant ground made on that front.

Cowboys want to sign Dak Prescott to the right deal

Throughout the entire process, the Cowboys have remained quite firm with their desire to ink Prescott to a new deal.

There remains a bit of separation between what both sides are willing to agree on to get a new contract in place. During an interview on ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt on Wednesday night, team executive vice president Stephen Jones voiced that Dallas wants a deal that works out on both sides at the “right number.” (H/T Nick Shook of NFL.com)

“I totally believe we’ll get Dak signed at the right number that’s good for Dak, good for the Cowboys, good for this team. And I think at the end of the day, the fact that we’re getting some nice hype for our draft, I think he’s going to want to get in here and get with these players, whether it’s CeeDee Lamb or anyone else. He wants to win.

The amount that figure is at is still quite vague as Prescott wants to be paid like one of the league’s top quarterbacks. The Cowboys have at least made it clear that they are willing to give Prescott a significant deal, which will be far beyond the richest contract in franchise history.

What Jones’ comments suggest is that the Cowboys are hoping to get as team-friendly deal as possible with Prescott’s next contract.

When will Dak Prescott be signed?

That is the million-dollar question with the entire situation as there doesn’t appear to be a time frame for this next deal.

Prescott is angling to get his long-term extension done this offseason, but the Cowboys don’t appear to be any closer to working that contract out with him. There are other factors, such as the upcoming deals for Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, that could have a significant impact on this situation.

That is something that the Cowboys would like to avoid factoring into their contract negotiations at which could substantially raise the asking price. Beyond that, all the indications would suggest that a new lucrative deal will come at some point in the coming months.