Dak Prescott’s Brother Can’t Hide His Disgust for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

Over the last year, the chatter around Dak Prescott has swarmed around his contract situation with the Dallas Cowboys. Prescott has made it quite clear that he’s eyeing a lucrative deal from the Cowboys that has yet to meet what he’s looking to secure. That has led to the two sides being unable to agree to an extension before Wednesday’s deadline that will put both sides in the same boat next offseason. That entire matter has led to Prescott’s brother taking to social media to air out his disdain toward Jerry Jones and the franchise.

Cowboys fail to secure extension with Dak Prescott

In the days leading up to Wednesday’s deadline, there hadn’t been much discussion around any fluid contract talks between Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

That remained the course through the deadline as the only movement on that front was Dallas presenting him a last-second offer on Tuesday. The deal reportedly could have made him the second-highest paid quarterback annually behind Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Meanwhile, it was believed to include close or just north of the NFL record $110 million that Jared Goff received in his contract with the Los Angeles Rams.

Prescott decided to hold pat and move forward without a new contract. That was centered on his desire to secure a four-year extension, but the Cowboys eyed a five-year deal. Whatever the case may be, the 26-year-old moves forward into the 2020 season without a new contract. It didn’t take long for Prescott’s family to weigh in on the matter.

Dak Prescott’s brother blast Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

There has been plenty of different opinions on Dak Prescott’s contract situation that have been expressed over the last several months.

That has seen much in the way of criticism toward the Cowboys being unable to secure their Pro Bowl quarterback under a new deal. Following the two sides being unable to agree to an extension before Wednesday’s deadline, it saw Dak Prescott’s brother Thaddeus take to Twitter to air out his disdain toward Dallas and Jerry Jones in their handling of the situation.

These are expected and reasonable feelings from Thaddeus as he has his brother’s back through the matter. It’s likely the sentiment that Prescott’s family is feeling about the entire contract chatter that has been ongoing for over the last year. That does bring some possibility that the way the situation has played out, it does put his long-term future in Dallas up in the air.

There is certainly much that could change, but those strong emotions from Prescott’s brother does show the strong desire to see him finally get paid by the Cowboys

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In all actuality, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys had put a more than reasonable offer on the table, but Dak Prescott believes he should garner a more lucrative contract.

Things now shift over to Prescott having to prove it with his play in the 2020 season. The cards are on the table for him to make the most of the opportunity to showcase that he’s worth the deal he’s seeking out. There is a strong mutual desire between both sides, but it’s on the 26-year-old’s shoulders to prove letting him side another year without a long-term deal was a significant mistake.

It’s a risk that he’s taking with his contract, but he has everything in place to put forth a stellar season that proves he’s the franchise quarterback that can lead the team to a Super Bowl. He has already brought much-needed stability at the position, now it’s on him to prove that he is much than for the Cowboys.