Dale Earnhardt Jr. Admits Why He’s Still Jealous of Jeff Gordon Today

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has spent more than two decades around NASCAR, both on the track and off it. Earnhardt Jr.’s journey has seen him develop a strong friendship with fellow Hall of fame driver Jeff Gordon. In retirement, Dale Jr. remains jealous of Gordon for a singular reason.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. built a strong bond with Jeff Gordon off the NASCAR track

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. spent two-plus decades behind the wheel on the NASCAR track, where he experienced a respectable amount of success.

Earnhardt Jr. drove the last decade of his racing career with Hendrick Motorsports, where he became teammates with Jeff Gordon. The four-time Cup Series champion is one of the most decorated drivers in NASCAR history.

During that span, Gordon and Earnhardt Jr. developed a strong friendship that extends well off the track. Dale Jr. credits Gordon and his other Hendrick Motorsports teammates Jimmie Johnson for helping him become a better driver.

Meanwhile, Gordon’s experience driving in place of his teammate in the 2016 season gave him a greater understanding of the pressures that come with that territory.

As the two continue their journeys in the broadcast booth, Earnhardt Jr. revealed there is one thing he has become jealous of concerning Gordon.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. admits why he’s still jealous of Jeff Gordon today

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has followed a similar path to Jeff Gordon by taking up broadcasting duties in racing retirement.

Since the 2018 season, Earnhardt Jr. has been in the booth covering races in the second half of the season for NBC Sports. However, there is one area that he remains jealous of his former Hendrick Motorsports teammate.

During an interview with Gordon on behalf of Axalta World of Racing in June 2019, Earnhardt Jr. discussed just that.

“I’m jealous that you get to do the Daytona 500,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “Maybe one time we should switch just for fun.”

Gordon quickly responded, stating, “I’d like to check that out. That would be fun. Let’s check that out.”

The four-time Cup Series champion has had the privilege of covering the Daytona 500 and other races in the broadcast booth since 2016 with NASCAR on Fox. Gordon’s duties have squarely laid with taking the first half of the season’s schedule, while Earnhardt Jr. has taken over the second half.

The setup alone hasn’t allowed Dale Jr. to cover the event he won twice in his Hall of Fame career. It’s something that is certainly on his bucket list as a broadcaster and will come to fruition at some point down the line.

NASCAR influence will only grow stronger

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Beyond those aspirations in the broadcast booth, Dale Earnhardt Jr. remains forever tied to NASCAR.

In retirement, he has extended himself even further into other avenues involved with the sport. Earnhardt Jr. holds his broadcast duties and a weekly podcast show, The Dale Jr. Download, where he often interviews guests associated with NASCAR.

He also maintains a considerable role with JR Motorsports through the decision-making process alongside his sister Kelley Earnhardt Miller. Dale Jr. has helped shape the brand into a more significant part of the NASCAR scene, which may see the company finally jump to the Cup Series.

The upcoming introduction of the Next-Gen car may open the door to JR Motorsports fielding a driver shortly. Earnhardt Jr. simply has his fingerprints all over the sport that will only become greater.