Dale Earnhardt Jr. Believes His Dad Would Have Been Proud of Him Because of His Wife

Over the last two decades, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has moved through his life without his father. The loss of the NASCAR legend has left a massive hole in his life that has changed it entirely. Despite that, Earnhardt Jr. holds a firm belief about his father that involves his wife Amy Earnhardt.

Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s death left a massive void in son’s life

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Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s passing after his fatal crash at the 2001 Daytona 500 sent shockwaves across NASCAR.

The tragic accident not only forever changed the landscape of the sport but, more importantly, his family’s life. Earnhardt Jr. was left with a significant void after losing arguably the most influential person in his life.

In the years that have passed, it has given him a chance to reflect on what his life would have been like if his father was still around. One of those instances that still digs at him involves his wife.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. believes his dad would have been proud of him because of his wife

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Losing his father has left a gaping hole in Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s life over the last two decades.

It has led to many missed life-changing opportunities to share with his dad. Among those that stick with Earnhardt Jr. is not being able to have his wife Amy Earnhardt meet Dale Sr. During an interview on Waltrip Unfiltered in April 2020, Dale Jr. voiced that he believes his father would have been proud of him because of his wife.

“I really wish dad could have met Amy for the same way that I wish he could have seen me win this race or be a Daytona 500 champion,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “I wanted to make him proud. I think that he would see Amy and go ‘I am really proud of Dale Jr. He’s making a good choice here.’

“Boy he was really vocal to me about the girls that I went out with when he was around. i would take the girls. I would say ‘this is a good looking girl I am going to take her to the farm and introduce her to dad.’ I would get down the road and see him the next day and he would go ‘Na I don’t like her. There’s something about her.’ I think he would have really really liked Amy.”

Earnhardt Jr. also voiced that he believes that both Amy and his dad would have gotten along quite well. He thinks the two would have nagged at him concerning menial things like him playing iRacing late at night.

It’s another aspect of his life that he never got to see come to fruition due to his father’s passing. Despite that, he holds the comfort in his heart that his father would be proud of the life he cultivated with his wife and growing family.

His wife changed his life forever

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Over the years, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has spoken quite candidly about his wife Amy Earnhardt’s impact on his life.

Dale Jr. has repeatedly voiced that Amy has pushed his life forward while helping him through difficult times, such as his concussion symptom issues in 2016.

“Without Amy I would have suffered emotionally real severely,” Earnhardt Jr. said during an interview on In Depth With Graham Bensinger. “Having her there everyday was really reassuring. I would have been in such despair emotionally being alone and waking up everyday with those symptoms I would have given up.”

His wife has played a pivotal role in his life far beyond being his significant other and mother of his children. Earnhardt Jr.’s well-being and life are in a much better spot because of her presence and support.

The only hole that will forever remain is that Dale Sr. never got the chance to experience that.