Dale Earnhardt Jr. Canceled a Trip to ‘The Office’ Set Due to a Dental Emergency

Since stepping into NASCAR retirement, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has opened up to a greater extent publicly. Earnhardt Jr.’s path in that direction has endeared him further to fans through more relatable connections. All that has guided him to share the disappointment of missing an opportunity to visit the set of ‘The Office’ due to a dental emergency.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s tremendous NASCAR popularity

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Throughout Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s NASCAR racing career, he remained the most popular driver in the sport.

A large chunk of Earnhardt Jr.’s popularity coat tailed off his dad’s success and dominance on the track, but he managed to carve out his own lane. He used that public shine to help be an anchor for the sport while venturing into other opportunities through endorsement deals to being in music videos.

Earnhardt Jr. did it all and nearly found himself on the set of ‘The Office,’ but a dental accident ruined that unique scenario.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. canceled a trip to ‘The Office’ set due to a dental emergency

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One of Dale Earnhardt’s interests away from the track is his love for comedy shows.

Earnhardt Jr. developed a strong affinity for the U.S. version of “The Office,” which spanned nine seasons from 2005 to 2013. During the latest Ask Jr. portion of The Dale Jr. Download podcast on Tuesday, he revealed that he had a chance to go to the TV show’s set, but an accidental dental emergency prevented that.

“We were going to race in Fontana,” Earnhardt Jr. recalled. “We had lined up to go to the set. That was going to be great. I didn’t know if they were doing any work, filming, or if anybody would be there. That was going to be the cool thing we did for the weekend.

“But on the way there I chipped my tooth as I eating something on the plane. I freaked out and I called a buddy of mine that lived in LA. I was like “You got a dentist? I need to see a dentist.’ Ye was like ‘Yeah.’ So we ended up diverting to the dentist instead of The Office set. I’ll never forget it. I was so disappointed. Never did get to go.”

The location for the infamous Dunder Mifflin Scranton office set is in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the building and warehouse exteriors were shot in Panorama City, California, near Van Nuys.

Earnhardt Jr. is likely speaking of the latter location, as at the time, he was heading to California for an upcoming race at the Auto Club Speedway track in Fontana. Nonetheless, it was a one-of-a-kind situation that he had to pass up all due to a chipped tooth.

Affinity for ‘The Office’ remains strong

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Over the years, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has become more of an open book with his personality through the media and his social media platforms.

NASCAR fans have gotten the opportunity to see another side of him away from his craft. A part of that is his strong admiration for TV shows, such as The Office.

During this week’s episode of his podcast, Earnhardt Jr. voiced that Jim Halpert, played by actor John Krasinski, is his favorite character.

“That’s by far my favorite show,” Earnhardt Jr. exclaimed. “I think it will always will be. There’s been several shows like that in each decade. Cheers was a big deal. I used to watch Cheers all the time. There are shows like that where you latch on and don’t stop watching it, but the office blew them all away. It’s one of my favorite shows ever.”

Although that doesn’t have to do with his racing career, it’s moments like that have provided fans a closer connection to the 46-year-old. Earnhardt Jr. has become quite personable and more relatable to casual fans, making stories like this a shining example of why that’s so.