Dale Earnhardt Jr. Has a Tremendous Goal in Mind for His Future at NBC

NASCAR fans too young to see the bulk of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s career have plenty of time to witness his success in the broadcast booth.

An auto racing legend, Earnhardt has spent the last few years at NBC. Earnhardt has navigated the trials and tribulations that come with providing open and honest analysis about his friends to become an on-air favorite.

As 2021 quickly approaches, Earnhardt has a significant goal in mind for his future at NBC.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a bright future at NBC

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a storied career on the racetrack, and his success behind the wheel has followed him to NBC.

Earnhardt, 46, retired after the 2017 racing season. NBC hired Earnhardt in 2018 and quickly gave him multiple platforms to share his expertise with a devoted fanbase.

Earnhardt is a mainstay on NBC’s NASCAR coverage, and he’s even participated in a handful of races since retiring. His podcast, the Dale Jr. Download, followed him to NBC.

The podcast releases new episodes every Tuesday. NBC Sports Network airs a simulcast each Wednesday.

Earnhardt and Matthew Dillner, Earnhardt’s podcast producer, co-host Lost Speedways on Peacock. Lost Speedways travels to essential places in racing history that have since been abandoned.

Earnhardt has a major goal ahead for his time at NBC

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is excited about what the future holds for him and his team.

With that said, Earnhardt isn’t content with everything he has achieved since transitioning to broadcasting. In an interview with Forbes, Earnhardt shared his goals for his future at NBC.

“I want to be the most-viewed show on NBCSN that day and any other sports show or network that day as well. I want those networks to say, ‘What’s this Dale Jr. Download thing that’s doing so well? What are they doing?’ It’s the same with Lost Speedways. We want people to be taken aback.”

Lost Speedways currently airs on Peacock, an NBC streaming service. It is not yet known if NBC Sports Network will pick up Lost Speedways and also air it there, or if the show will remain streaming-only.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will have plenty of time to reach that goal

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is eager to continue growing his brand at NBC, and the good news is that he has plenty of time to accomplish that goal.

NBC and NBC Sports Network have shown full faith in Earnhardt. He is their guy, and his on-air profile is growing each week.

Barring anything unexpected, the 2021 NASCAR season will begin in February with the Daytona 500 and its full week of events. That time will provide an excellent opportunity for Earnhardt, a two-time Daytona winner, to continue growing both the Dale Jr. Download and Lost Speedways.

Earnhardt remains committed to excellence, just as he was on the racetrack. NBC should be thrilled by that fact as the marriage between both sides continues. 

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