Dale Earnhardt Jr. Left Speechless After Receiving a Priceless Birthday Gift Involving His Dad

Since his father’s tragic death, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has worked tirelessly to acquire pieces of his dad’s illustrious NASCAR career. Earnhardt Jr. has added many items from Dale Sr.’s racing days that he holds near and dear to his heart. He received another piece of that history with a priceless birthday gift that left him speechless.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s bond to his father remains strong

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has found much solace in maintaining a strong connection with his father.

The 46-year-old has remained prominently around the sport in various capacities, even in retirement. Earnhardt Jr. put together the Dale Jr. Download Podcast, a weekly show where he often talks to guests to rehash stories about his dad.

He has also taken up a role in the broadcast booth with NBC Sports covering races since stepping into retirement. Earnhardt Jr. has continued to keep much more than a pulse on NASCAR while using his platform to not only strengthen the sports’ popularity but talk about his father.

All those efforts guided him to receive a one-of-a-kind birthday gift involving his father that left him flat out amazed.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. left speechless after receiving a priceless birthday gift

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Over the years, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has embraced any opportunity to get a piece of his dad’s illustrious NASCAR career.

Earnhardt Jr. added to his collection on his 46th birthday last October as photos were sent to him of his father working in his grandfather Ralph Earnhardt’s car workshop. There were multiple pictures of Earnhardt Sr. working with his brother Randy Earnhardt and Mike Watkins on various cars.

Dale Jr. was entirely blown away from the unexpected gift that he shared on his Dale Jr. Download podcast.

“Wild stuff,” Earnhardt Jr. exclaimed. “That’s pretty awesome. I am very very thankful for the thought put into this. I am very appreciative.”

Earnhardt Jr. has received many special gifts over the years but had never seen photos like that from his grandfather’s shop with his dad working on cars. It’s no secret that he holds a tremendous appreciation for anything involving his father, especially working on cars.

Beyond that, it’s another memorable moment for him to remember his father in a unique way.

Continuing to honor his dad’s legacy

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has only increased his effort to add memorabilia from his dad’s NASCAR career since stepping into retirement.

Earnhardt Jr. has acquired many iconic pieces from his father’s time on the track. He has found a way to get his hands on items such as the Rolex 24 car that he and his dad drove together for the 2001 Rolex 24 hours of Daytona event.

Dale Jr. has commonly referred to that car as one of the few things he will never sell. Meanwhile, he has a driver’s firesuit from his father’s first championship season. In 2019, he purchased his dad’s 1984 Nova for $190,000, which he has now fully restored.

Earnhardt Jr. plans to drive the legendary vehicle as the pace car for a NASCAR Xfinity race at Darlington Raceway in May. There are many other pieces to Dale Sr.’s career that he possesses that mean the world to him.

As the years pass by, Earnhardt Jr. will continue to add to his collection to further strengthen his symbolic connection to his father.