Dale Earnhardt Jr. Revealed the Craziest Thing He Did Without His Dad Knowing

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has experienced plenty in his life well beyond his NASCAR career. Earnhardt Jr. had nothing short of an interesting childhood that has shaped the person he has become. Among those are questionable decisions he made without his father’s knowledge, one of which he chose to discuss.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s relationship with his dad

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Throughout his childhood, Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t possess much of a strong bond with his dad Dale Earnhardt Sr.

His relationship with his father didn’t begin to blossom until he chose to take the path of becoming a professional stock car driver. Earnhardt Jr. has voiced on numerous occasions that he chose the career path to get closer to his dad.

The younger Earnhardt had only been on the NASCAR circuit for a few years before his father tragically passed away in an accident at the Daytona 500 in 2001. His time as a professional driver was fueled by that personal connection and continued passion for bringing pride to the family legacy.

Before Earnhardt Jr. took that route with his life, he spent his adolescent years involved in some questionable decision-making. he chose to publicly share one of those actions that his dad never figured out.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. revealed the wildest thing he did without his dad knowing

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Growing up, Dale Earnhardt Jr. had many memorable experiences that shaped him as a person.

Earnhardt Jr. also chose to do a few things as a child without his father’s knowledge. During an interview with Ryan Blaney on the Dale Jr. Download podcast in February 2019, the 46-year-old revealed the craziest thing he did without his dad knowing was mailbox baseball.

“The craziest thing I got away with was probably mailbox baseball,” Earnhardt Jr. recalled on his podcast. “That’s bad and he would have destroyed me. The one thing that turned me away from doing that [anymore] was I had this [Chevrolet] S-10 with a sliding glass backdoor and we hit this plastic barn looking mailboxes.

“Part of it came and gave me a welt on the neck. We also missed the box one time and knocked a big dent into the truck, so I was like ‘alright enough of that.'”

Earnhardt Jr. didn’t indicate when he chose to participate in mailbox baseball, but it sounds like he did that during his late teenage years. It fits the bill of a rebellious teenager looking to have fun in a not so safe or reasonable manner.

Luckily, Earnhardt Jr. learned his lesson before things got out of hand to the point where his dad would have had to intervene. It’s a moment in his life that he’s glad that it didn’t get any worse than accidentally putting a dent in the side of his truck.

Unwavering desire to keep connection with his father

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His past questionable childhood behavior aside, Dale Earnhardt Jr. had his fair share of memorable moments in his life with his dad.

He may not have developed a close bond with his father, but he continues to cherish any piece of his NASCAR career he can acquire. Earnhardt Jr. has purchased or added items from his dad’s time as a professional driver.

He also uses the Dale Jr. Download podcast to continue to talk about his dad through storytelling with many of his guests.

Although it’s been nearly two decades since Dale Earnhardt Jr. passed away, the 46-year-old holds a great deal of importance on keeping his connection with his father.