Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reveals Deep-Seeded Reason Why He Will Never Leave NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s passion for racing has kept him a staple in NASCAR throughout his adult life. Earnhardt Jr. has experienced it all through his career on the track and off it as a team owner. His heavy involvement in the sport has guided him toward an inseparable bond to NASCAR.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s NASCAR legacy

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has fully engrained himself in NASCAR for over the last two decades.

Earnhardt Jr.’s connection to the sport starts with his father but has moved on through his career behind the wheel and team ownership involvement. He spent more than two decades on the track, where he garnered enough success to earn a 2021 NASCAR Hall of Fame induction.

Meanwhile, he has found lasting success as a co-owner with JR Motorsports, including five Xfinity Series championships. All that has kept him attached to the hip with NASCAR, which likely will never change.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals deep-seeded reason why he will never leave NASCAR

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Since Dale Earnhardt Jr. chose to step into retirement after the 2017 season, he has kept a strong pulse on the sport.

Earnhardt Jr. has maintained a steady presence around NASCAR despite no longer being behind the wheel. During an interview with Forbes last December, the 46-year-old voiced that he will never pull away from the sport because of his passion for competition and various involvements.

“In racing, you get that addiction to competition and you need to find that somewhere,” Earnhardt said on a Zoom call. “There’s a need to be involved in the sport. When you’re a driver and you’re doing this every single week for a couple of decades, it’s impossible to unplug completely and disappear. Some drivers seem to do that and want that. I’m too invested. I have too many tentacles reaching out in the sport to just walk off.”

Earnhardt Jr. may no longer be racing, but his love for the sport remains extremely strong. Beyond his co-ownership of JR Motorsports, he has increased his connection to NASCAR with his weekly podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, and his NBC Sports broadcasting duties.

Earnhardt Jr. has gone out of his way to maintain his strong bond to the sport that has made him one of the most recognizable athletes.

Future forever tied to NASCAR

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If Dale Earnhardt Jr. has proven anything in retirement is that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Earnhardt Jr. has constructed a highly popular podcast, where he continually has on guests with strong connections to NASCAR. Meanwhile, he has a strong affinity for his broadcast job, as he has voiced that it allows him to stay around the race track.

With that, he has quickly become a fixture in the booth behind his strong work calling races. It also helps that his job in that realm is only covering half the season as Fox Sports carries the first half of the year. Earnhardt Jr. has stated that he will spend the next 10 to 15 years in that spot as he thoroughly enjoys and relishes the opportunity.

He is also heavily involved on the ownership side as he’s taken on a bigger part of the business in retirement. Earnhardt JR. has sparked chatter that he and his sister Kelley have discussed possibly venturing into the Cup Series due to the next-gen car that’s set to enter the fray shortly.

All of that would indicate that Earnhardt Jr. will be around NASCAR for many years ahead.