Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reveals What Pissed Him Off Most As a NASCAR Driver

Dale Earnhardt Jr. went through his share of highs and lows on the NASCAR track. Earnhardt Jr. wasn’t one to shy away from expressing his emotions in any instance. With that said, there was one thing that NASCAR broadcasts did that pissed him off as a driver.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. experienced heated NASCAR moments

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. strung together a lengthy NASCAR career that saw him go through many tough moments.

His fair share of success came with some heated moments that put him in the limelight through intense exchanges with other drivers. Earnhardt Jr. went through emotionally charged instances with his colleagues, such as his long rivalry with Kyle Busch.

All that stirred up plenty of fiery emotion, but nothing angered him more than one thing NASCAR broadcasts would commonly do.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals what pissed him off most as a NASCAR Driver

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Since stepping into retirement, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has become an open book regarding his racing career.

Earnhardt Jr. has discussed it all from the highs and lows of being a NASCAR driver for more than two decades. During an interview with Beyond The Flag a few months ago, the 49-year-old voiced that the constant broadcast replays of one of his crashes would piss him off.

“If I was one of the drivers involved, it was tenfold being annoyed over it,” Earnhardt said. “I didn’t want to be in the middle of that. But as a broadcaster, you get it. You understand why they need to keep promoting that action. ‘Hey, this is what happened last week, if you tune in this week, you might see this, you might see these two drivers going at it! 

“This is the action that our sport can provide you if you’re a fan and you’re wanting to be an observer of the sport!'”

The replays bring the constant reminder of seeing the same wreck repeatedly that would stir up the intense emotions out of Earnhardt Jr. At the same time; these are likely the same feelings that many of his peers shared any time they were involved in a notable crash.

It has become common knowledge that drivers don’t forget anything when it comes to racing on the track. All that puts the presence of broadcast replays as an added wrinkle to the tension and frustration. 

However, the ironic part of it all is that Earnhardt Jr. is on the other side of it due to his broadcast duties.

“So just something so silly and trivial as that, my mind turned 180 degrees on how I would view it, and so a lot of the things that got on my nerves as a driver, I do now in the booth,” Earnhardt said. 

Broadcast booth duties remain in his future

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In retirement, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has remained around NASCAR in a significant capacity.

Among those ventures includes his role in the broadcast booth for NBC Sports calling races. In his first few years in that position, he has gone through various stretches of dealing with feedback from drivers.

He has voiced that his longtime close friend Martin Truex Jr. isn’t fond of some of the things he says during the broadcast. While that may be the case, Earnhardt Jr. is well aware that his analysis is part of the job.

In other words, it may not exactly endear him to Truex Jr. or other NASCAR drivers, but it comes with the territory of working in the broadcast booth. Nonetheless, Earnhardt Jr. has found his spot in staying around the sport that he still holds a tremendous passion toward.