Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reveals Why He Will Never Get Rid of His Rolex 24 Car

Over the years, Hall of Fame NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has become quite the collector for items associated with the sport. It’s a strong passion of Earnhardt Jr.’s to acquire particular pieces of NASCAR history, including a selective chunk of his father’s career. All that has guided him to hold a firm stance on never giving away his Rolex 24 car.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. remains a beacon for his father’s NASCAR legacy

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Since stepping into retirement, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has become an open book regarding his relationship with his father.

Earnhardt Jr. has used his elevated platform to discuss in-depth their bond and his childhood. It has fueled him to keep his father’s legacy prominent around the sport.

Earnhardt Jr. initially began his racing career to nurture a closer connection to his father. He continued to compete after his dad’s death to honor their family’s name.

It also played a part in guiding him down the path toward becoming a collector of NASCAR memorabilia. The 49-year-old has also utilized his financial means to remain attached to his father through items from his legendary racing career.

There is one piece that he has no desire ever to get rid of due to a personally touching reason.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals why he will never get rid of his Rolex 24 car

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Since Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s passing, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has made a significant effort to keep a lasting connection to his father.

One of which is through collecting memorabilia from his dad’s illustrious racing career. Among them is the 2001 Rolex 24 car that the two Earnhardts drove together. During an interview with NBC Sports last month, Dale Jr. revealed that his father’s sudden passing has made it an item he never wants to lose.

“When we decided to have these cars made, I didn’t know dad was going to be taken from us, just a short time later,” Earnhardt Jr. “So the car became much more important to me because of that. This is a bit of a symbolic piece for me, something we did together at the end of his life.

“I have a handful of cars to my name, and there is only one or two that I will never ever get rid of and this one of them. I will always have this.”

The car took part in the 24 Hours of Daytona race that saw the Earnhardts drive alongside Andy Pilgrim and Kelly Collins in their yellow No. 3 Chevrolet Corvette C5-R. The drivers finished in fourth place in the event.

There was increased media attention around the race due to the father-son duo of the Earnhardts racing on the track. It’s a moment that Dale Jr. still cherishes greatly with his dad.

Everlasting connection will always remain

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In the two decades since his father passed, Dale Earnhardt Jr. continues to make a concerted effort to keep that connection strong. 

Earnhardt Jr. may not have had the ideal relationship with his dad, but his love for him fuels his passion for keeping the Earnhardt legacy alive. Be it through his Dale Jr. Download podcast or collecting items from his dad’s career, there remains a strong desire to keep that bond.

The fact that the 2001 Rolex 24 car is near the top of the list for his most prized possessions demonstrates how meaningful it all is to him. As time moves along, Earnhardt Jr.’s collection will grow as he adds more pieces of his father’s legendary career to his garage.