Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘Greatest Day’ of His Life Included a Mysterious Amazon Package and a Big Surprise

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has probably had some pretty great days in his life. His dad was, of course, a NASCAR legend, and he then had a pretty successful motorsports career himself. However, the “greatest day” of his life actually had nothing to do with racing. It involved an NFL team, a mysterious Amazon package, and a big surprise.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘greatest day’ started with the Washington Football Team

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has made his love for the Washington Football Team known in the past, and during the greatest day of his life, he actually spent time with his favorite team.

“They invited me to this luncheon that’s sort of a kickoff for their season,” Earnhardt said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2017. “I got to do a Q&A at the end of this luncheon, up on a stage in front of the whole team. So, I’m sitting there talking to my favorite team. I’m talking about me; they’re asking me questions about racing and all this, and the whole team’s listening. This is the greatest day of my life.”

However, once Earnhardt went home, that day got even better.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. received a mysterious Amazon package from his wife

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. then went home and told his wife, Amy, about his big day, but something else ended up happening that was even better.

“Me and her, we’re sort of addicted to Amazon,” Earnhardt said. “… There’s a bit of competition when there’s a box on the table at the house; we’re flipping it over to see whose name’s on it. And there’s one person that’s usually disappointed, one very happy. So, she says, ‘Well, that’s cool that you got to see the [Washington Football Team] and all and talk to them. There’s a package for you.’ I see this little package, and it’s open, and I’m like, ‘You opened my package? You know what’s in my package, that’s kind of an unwritten rule that you get to open your surprise.'”

Earnhardt then wasn’t ready for what was next.

“She starts filming me with her camera,” Earnhardt said. “… I reach into this little pouch, and I pull out a onesie. And I know right away what that means, and weird words are coming out of my mouth. I don’t even know what I said; I made zero sense.”

So, Earnhardt’s greatest day not only included his favorite NFL team, but he also found out that he was going to be a father. He eventually welcomed Isla into the world and later had a second daughter, Nicole, in 2020, per NASCAR.com.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. most likely didn’t expect his wife to make the “greatest day” of his life even better, but it turned out to be a pretty eventful day. 

His NASCAR career probably gave him many other eventful days as well.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a Hall of Fame NASCAR career

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Before any of this took place, Dale Earnhardt Jr. ended up having a pretty successful NASCAR career.

Earnhardt is a part of the NASCAR Hall of Fame 2021 class as he won 26 Cup Series races, which included two wins at the Daytona 500, according to his NASCAR Hall of Fame bio. He also won two straight NASCAR Xfinity Series championships and ultimately won the Most Popular Driver Award 15 times.

After retiring following the 2017 season, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has since become an analyst on NBC, and a pretty good one, too.

All of this success has probably led to Dale Earnhardt Jr. having some pretty great days, but there’s a good chance that not too many of them have come close to that day with the Washington Football Team and his wife in 2017.

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