Dale Earnhardt Jr. Saved Conor Daly From Putting His Life in Danger With a Buffalo

In Dale Earnhardt Jr.‘s first few years in retirement from being a NASCAR driver, he has remained a heavy presence around the sport. Within that, it has seen Earnhardt Jr. maintain a strong pulse through his increased involvement on social media. All that guided him to help save IndyCar driver Conor Daly from making a potential colossal life-threatening mistake involving a buffalo.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. remains attached to NASCAR in retirement

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Since stepping into retirement, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has become a greater ambassador for NASCAR.

Earnhardt Jr. has remained heavily involved with the sport through his NBC Sports broadcast duties and weekly Dale Jr. Download Podcast. The 46-year-old has also picked up a more significant presence on social media.

His increased involvement on that front has put him in some unique situations over the last few years. There was yet another of those instances that cropped on social media earlier this week.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. saved Conor Daly from putting his life in danger with a buffalo

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Since stepping into retirement, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has taken up a more substantial presence on social media.

Earnhardt Jr. increased involvement in the realm put him in an interesting spot earlier this week. IndyCar driver Conor Daly took to Twitter to voice that he was considering riding a buffalo for the Indianapolis 500 drivers introductions in May.

It didn’t take long for Earnhardt Jr. to catch wind of the out-of-the-box idea as he quickly voiced to Daly that it wouldn’t be the wisest plan.

“I’ve got four females, and I wouldn’t get in the fence with them,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “Ryan Newman could give you an honest answer as he owns a large herd.”

Shortly following Dale Jr.’s response, Conor Daly quickly diverted from that possible life-threatening plan.

“”This is exactly what I needed. It was at the time a thrilling American idea,” Daly said. “But [I] might have to put it on hold. I appreciate your expertise.”

Earnhardt Jr. lastly answered with a playful “always happy to save a life.”

Bison are quite dangerous animals that could prove to be quite harmful in any situation. According to the Indy Star, buffalo are have injured more people than any other animal at Yellowstone Park. Keep in mind, that list also includes them being higher than bears.

It clearly sounds like Daly didn’t do any research before voicing his interest in riding a buffalo. Now he knows that could have quickly turned into a disastrous situation.

Life lesson learned quickly

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Although it was a silly moment on social media, it was another reminder for Conor Daly that not every idea is best.

Daly may have seen his realization come with some public embarrassment, but he avoided a potentially scary situation. The action of riding a buffalo to the Indy 500 would have been an unforgettable moment, but it could have quickly turned sideways.

The 29-year-old brought closure to the matter by voicing great appreciation toward Dale Earnhardt Jr.

“I was today years old when Dale Earnhardt Jr. convinced me not to ride a bison to Indy 500 driver intros,” Daly said. “This is a top 10 day in my history of being an American. Carry on.”

If there is anything learned from this situation, it’s never to attempt to ride a buffalo.